Too Much Information / Duran Duran

too much informationIt may not have been the most popular song while I was in pharmacy school in the early to mid 90s, but Duran Duran’s “Too Much Information” certainly could have served as the theme song for those years.

First off, who would have predicted that Duran Duran would have bonafide hits in the 90s?  By the time Duran Duran (aka The Wedding Album) came around in 1993, they hadn’t had a U.S. hit in 4 years and had been pretty much written off by the music industry.  But then along came “Ordinary World” which went all the way to #3 and suddenly, it was like Duran Duran had never gone away.  It was very surreal to be listening to Duran Duran in college, because unlike Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson, they seemed to not make the transition from “80s artist” as effortlessly as those three seemed to.

Anyway, “Too Much Information” didn’t initially please me that much. It seemed whiny and a little over the top. But eventually, my fellow future pharmacists and I started quoting it when we were spending yet another Saturday night studying. “How do they expect us to learn this? It’s too much information!” We didn’t realize it then, but a defining song of our college years had been born.  So much was it wrapped up in our collective college experience that when we had a class T-shirt made with the word “PHARMACIST” down the back, each letter in the word describing a phrase that described the toils and tribulations off pharmacy school, the “T” naturally stood for “Too much information.”

I eventually warmed up to “Too Much Information” and now it’s one of my favorite Duran Duran singles.  By the time Napster rolled around, I was looking for it and found it in various permutations, including an alleged Jellybean remix (which I think has to be mislabeled) and the 12″ Trance Mix. *sigh* I kind of miss those days, not so much because I could find so much music for free, but because all these remixes were available, something that still hasn’t happened nearly a decade and a half after Napster crashed and burned.  Listen up labels! I will pay for that stuff.

The Wedding Album pretty much represented the peak of Duran Duran’s commercial success in the 90s and it prompted me to pick up their compilation CD Decade from a used CD store in Iowa City. This was largely to impress a girl that really liked Duran Duran as well – she liked me but she had a boyfriend and it just wasn’t happening, even though we had an awkward pseudo-date to see While You Were Sleeping one night around the time we graduated.  It was for the best – she was way sportier than I ever could be. And honestly, Dan without Heidi is completely inconceivable to me and so many others and I had no idea that I was just a few short months from meeting her. I had to weather the summer of my discontent to get to that, but that’s another blog post altogether.

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