Pumpkin panic

pumpsPredictably, I have been a complete fail at Halloween this year. It’s October 29 and I have not gotten the Halloween decorations out of the basement. Anna mentioned it last night and I have to admit that I hope she forgets about it because I really don’t want to haul them out of the basement for 2 days and then haul them back down. I haven’t even used the Halloween coffee mugs this year, which is truly sad.  Even 5 years ago, I was all about Halloween. Now, it’s all just “whatever.”

Perhaps my most egregious failure in the Halloween department this year is my failure to procure pumpkins. Between being gone to GRL two weeks ago, and Heidi being sick last week, it seems like the month of October just slipped right by me. So today, I went out in an attempt to get at least a couple pumpkins to carve since tonight is the only night between now and Halloween that Anna and I can do it. I started at the Lincoln Center Hy-Vee but half the pumpkins were partially green and another half of those remaining were bruised and just generally sad looking.  I figured, no worries, I’ll just go to the co-op. But they didn’t have any either.  I tried Fareway. No dice.

I wasn’t about to run all over town looking for pumpkins so I went home and started calling places.  Earl May, Theissen’s, Wal-Mart.  All were a bust.  I was starting to get seriously worried.  If I didn’t have pumpkins to carve this year, I was gonna be in deep dog trouble. Anna’s not that high maintenance, but there are things that she and I do every year, and carving the pumpkins is one of those things. I mean, I already failed at providing for the yearly Adventureland trip (only partially my fault.) I can’t blow this pumpkin thing.

I put out a call on Facebook and a there were many suggestions, including the North Grand Farmer’s Market that starts at 3 today.  Another friend said that he saw some at the west Hy-Vee that didn’t look too bad.  The more I thought about it, the more nervous I became.  So I decided I’d run out to the west Hy-Vee and see what they had, but first, I’d stop and take the pop cans back, which took me back to Lincoln Center Hy-Vee.  And since I was there, I figured I take one last look.  And lo and behold, I found two that I must not have seen before.  All orange, mostly unbruised, still not the greatest but not Charlie Brown Christmas trees by any stretch.  It took all my can money and then some, but it’ll be worth it.  The one thing I won’t be doing this year is doing those damn complex carving designs.  We’re sticking with triangle eyes and a two toothed mouth. Tradition!

Maybe someday my passion for Halloween will come back. But for now, I’m willing to just take life as it comes. And get ready to have pumpkin guts all over my hands for the 12th year in a row.

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