Am I dreaming?

My tweet about my singles post from the other day now has the honor of having been retweeted by THE Taylor Dayne.  Yet another brush with celebrity on Twitter, which I swear is the reason that Twitter was invented.

td retweet

Taylor Dayne DreamingThat I picked up the “Prove Your Love” 45 this week proved to be interesting timing as Taylor Dayne has a new single out – 26 years after she first hit the big time with “Tell It To My Heart.”  I have to admit that I have not really followed Taylor Dayne’s career very closely over the years. The last full-on Taylor Dayne album that I purchased was Soul Dancing way back in 1993 and honestly, I didn’t like it nearly as much as I had the previous two albums. There were a handful of songs that appealed to me, but I think that production values were changing and what made her first two albums so good was the cheesy 80s production.  After Soul Dancing fell a bit flat – even the kick-off single, a cover of Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love”, missed the Top 10 – she spent a lot of time in the intervening 20 years releasing dance singles and becoming a heavily sought after performer at Pride events. And to this, I say good for her because many of her contemporaries would be lucky to get that kind of gig. I would totally go to a Taylor Dayne concert.

The vast majoirty of her material is available on Spotify now, as is her brand spanking new single “Dreaming.” It’s pretty classic Taylor Dayne, very much in the vein of her 80s hits while feeling current as well. It also sports a rather “Cherish”-like video, minus the mer-people. Naturally, I’m kind of infatuated with it.

There’s some argument that if grunge had not been in full force when Dayne released Soul Dancing, her career trajectory would have continued upward. But I have to say, based on her Twitter and Instragram, I’d say she’s pretty satisfied with her life. She has kids, has tried her hand at acting and is still recording. I just hope that she doesn’t get upset when the biggest cheers are for songs that were released 25 years ago. Somehow, I kinda doubt she does.

Still, for my money, my favorite Taylor Dayne song that should have been a hit is still “Original Sin.” Can you imagine a whole album of Taylor Dayne produced by Jim Steinman? A match made in heaven.

Completely unrelated to this post, I did dream last night that I had lung cancer. As Taylor Dayne would say, say it ain’t so!

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