A bag of singles

I took today off work. It was supposed to be my day off from the weekend, but then I ended up not working the weekend and since they were already planning on me not being there I figured why not just burn some PTO and stay home? Time at home is always good, right? The flip side to this is that I’m kind of in a funk that I can’t shake off (although I think a nap would do me some good.)  Heidi and I were out running a few errands this morning and we drove past Vinyl Cafe and she said “you should go to Vinyl Cafe today!” I pretty much want to go look at records every day, but I was just there about a week ago and didn’t really find anything very thrilling.  Their stock doesn’t turn over that fast so I see a lot of the same stuff over and over again.

But I went anyway. And while they had a few new additions, nothing screamed “buy me!” I even looked through the clearance bins pretty thoroughly today. Nothing. Although one could have a complete Pointer Sisters discography from just the clearance section.

What I did do that I had never done before was look through their 45s. They are a mess – all jammed into long drawers, many of them without sleeves and most of the ones with sleeves are generic record label sleeves and not the pretty color picture sleeves that I like.  The thing about singles is the packaging gets damaged pretty easily since it’s just a paper sleeve and not cardboard. I’m not as picky with those as I am albums because you just can’t really afford to be. Nothing is in very good shape.

Mixed in amongst all the flotsam and jetsam, I did manage to find a few goodies. See below:

I couldn’t remember if I had “Causing A Commotion” or not, but I picked it up anyway. Turns out I did, but the one I got today was a promo version that is different from the one I already owned. I was super excited to find the Stevie Nicks single as I had never even seen it before, but I got it home and it is somehow warped (although I cannot see the warp) and is unplayable. Sadness. The Taylor Dayne & Cyndi Lauper ones were mostly because I liked the covers, although I really loved “Prove Your Love” back in the day, probably even more than “Tell It To My Heart.”

The whole adventure came in at less than $5, so that’s a win in my book.

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