Straddling the seasons

MI0003718298Every now and again, I hear a song in the summer that makes me think of fall or winter.  Occasionally it’s vice versa, but mostly, it ends up being a song that has a chill running through it that really makes me pine for the crisp, cool days of October.  But the rarest bird of them all is the song that evokes the end of summer and the beginning of fall – a song that straddles the season, so-to-speak.  Well, I think I’ve found one in The Secret Sisters’ “Rattle My Bones.”

I discovered “Rattle My Bones” on an Americana Spotify playlist – one that also featured First Aid Kit, a fact that made me laugh considering First Aid Kit is made up of two Swedish sisters.  I don’t know much about them, but I was instantly drawn to the hooky chorus and the two part female harmony.  It has a fun summer vibe, but as is true with most Americana type music, it has a bit of a chill to it as well. They also filmed a cute video for the song which is a rarity nowadays.

I bought “Rattle My Bones” tonight and have been giving their album a try on Spotify to see if it sticks.  So far so good, although not all of it is for me.  Another standout is “Iuka” as in Iuka, Mississippi.  And here I thought it was going to be a cover of a Suzanne Vega song.

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