Too much new Kylie?

Kylie-Minogue-Crystallize-2014I’ll admit that I don’t think Kylie Minogue has a clue what she’s doing with the promo for her latest record, Kiss Me Once.  It all started out rather traditionally, with lead single “Into The Blue” and its accompanying video.  But then it seemed to go off the rails a bit with a video for non-single “Sexercise” followed by a truly abysmal video for actual single “I Was Gonna Cancel.”  Also, gone is the Kylie from 2010 that was performing “Get Outta My Way” on any American TV show that would have her.  The lack of promo for the album is just stunning.  It’s almost as if she’s taking a page from Madonna’s book and counting on the tour to be promo enough for the album. She may want to ask Madonna how that worked out for MDNA (although I highly doubt Madonna cares as she is rolling in dough from that tour regardless of how poorly the album sold.)  It’s too bad because the album, while certainly no Aphrodite, is more than capable. It’s a bit more slipshod of an affair, lacking in focus, but there’s still plenty of Kylie fun to be had.

And then, as if we weren’t confused enough, she goes and releases a non-album charity single “Crystallize.”

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t really a complaint. I’m always glad when there’s new Kylie, regardless of the circumstances. It’s just that she seems to be quite unfocused in her promotion right now, as if the album is played out even though the tour doesn’t start till late summer. It’s also not a complaint because honestly, “Crystallize” is probably better than 80% of Kiss Me Once.  It is almost guaranteed a place on my year-end list.  At once classic Kylie as well as a Kylie for 2014, it does everything right. It gets in and out in just over 3 minutes, has a hooky pop chorus and is swirly Kylie awesomeness.  I wonder how different the Kiss Me Once campaign would have played out with “Crystallize” as the first single.

This is clearly a first world problem as there is no such thing as too much Kylie. Her music makes me happy like few other artists, because she seems so genuine. Whereas an artist like Madonna seems a bit begrudging in her fame, Kylie still seems to be a bit flummoxed by the fact that people like her music, even all these years later.  She was a truly gracious live performer, and one with a much stronger live voice than I expected.

Still, I think a little more focus and a little less judging on The Voice would go a long way.

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