Mix CD Redux: Dan’s Very First Mix

To paraphrase 10,000 Maniacs – it’s been such a long time since my blogging days.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to break back in, but a combination of a zillion little things and some very big things have kept me from blogging pretty much at all.  The longer I was away from it, the more it seemed like maybe I should just say to heck with it. But no – I haven’t carried on for as long as I have to quit now.  So I decided to resurrect the Mix CD Redux feature – they’re always guaranteed to be interesting (at least to me) and Lord knows I have enough of the damn things that I haven’t done a post on yet.  Today, I decided to go back to where it all began – Dan’s Very First Mix.


I got my first CD burner in the post-Christmas season of 1999.  It was only a 2x, but it was a CD burner.  This was something I had dreamed about for most of the 90s.  If only I could burn my own CDs in the way I made mix tapes, I would be so happy.  The arrival of CD burning technology for the masses happened almost simultaneously with the file-sharing revolution and suddenly, all these songs that I was looking for and resigning myself to having to buy a full CD to get one song were at my fingertips.

That said, none of the songs that are on Dan’s Very First Mix were acquired through Napster.  Some were from library CDs, others from my own CDs.  A couple came from a CDs a friend loaned me. Songs that were acquired from the Internet were found the old fashioned way – typing the song title + mp3 into Alta Vista and hoping that someone somewhere was hosting an mp3 of the song you were looking for on a server in the vastness of cyberspace.  Most of the time, the links you found were dead, but every now and again, you got lucky.  I distinctly remember that’s how I acquired the El Debarge song “Who’s Johnny?” and why it didn’t end up on this CD is a damn good question.

Some thoughts on the songs:

  • I feel like the Celine Dion songs on this CD were from the golden age of Celine.  The white-hot fame of Falling Into You was starting to fade, but she could still generate hits.  “That’s The Way It Is” is in my top 5 favorite Celine Dion songs. Incidentally, I’m only slightly disturbed by the fact that I have bothered ranking Celine Dion songs.  And the dance remix of the ubiquitous “My Heart Will Go On” was one of those highly sought after import-only remixes that a year earlier I would have, without question, found the import CD-single and purchased it.  I only feel a little bit bad that I didn’t pay for it as certainly Celine has gotten enough of my money, but the fact that you still can’t buy the dance version digitally 17 years later shows just how much the record company missed the boat (no pun intended.)  Of note, although you can’t buy the dance remix, you can buy the incredibly tacky “dialogue version” on iTunes.
  • I remember hearing Santana’s “Smooth” in a movie theater while waiting to watch The Sixth Sense.  I remember liking it enough and thinking “too bad I’ll never hear that song again.”  Famous last words.
  • You can see my CD mixing skills needed some work – two Pet Shop Boys songs, two Celine Dion songs, two Diana Ross songs.  Surely I could have had a better representation of artists.
  • Samantha Fox has long been one of those artists singers acts that I’ve been more fond of than I should be.  The mere fact that she had more than one hit record is astounding to me, but “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)” is an old favorite and, at the time, the Full Force Naughty House Mix (abbreviated FFN Mix here) was all I could find.  It works, but it lacks the punch of the original, mostly because it carries on for too long.  Eventually, I downloaded the original single version from Napster.  I justified it by the fact that I had spent $1.49 at Pamida on the 45 back in the day.
  • I wrote all about “You Gotta Be” back when I was blogging a song-a-day back in November of 2013. *sigh* Daily blogging.
  • The best Deep Blue Something story I have is from back when “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” was popular, I asked my sister who sang it and she said “Deep Blue Something.”  I just assumed she didn’t know the rest of the band’s name.
  • Finally, “The Goonies R Good Enough” – one of those songs that Cyndi Lauper hated, refusing to perform live and banishing from best-of collections.  I can’t imagine that she likes it much more now, but she did sing it the other night when she opened for Cher.  I had always suspected that the title “The Goonies R Good Enough” was record company shenanigans hearkening back to when soundtrack songs had to mention the title of the movie and Wikipedia confirms this suspicion.  I’m glad that she’s gotten over herself and is singing it live now.  If only one of her contemporaries could be bothered to do that with some of her old songs.

This was fun.  I will be doing this again.  I knew I just needed a jump start.

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One Response to Mix CD Redux: Dan’s Very First Mix

  1. Sam says:

    Samantha Fox & The Pet Shop Boys (with bonus of a duet with Dusty Springfield too) nice mix!

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