Friday Five: 3/28/14

Here we go again. It’s Friday. I’m going to put iTunes on shuffle and list the first 5 songs that come up and try to come up with something to say about the obscure songs.

So I skipped last week’s Friday 5 and I almost skipped this week but then I thought, no, I can do this.  So hear I am at 10:30 PM after going out to see Divergent with the family (Anna and I liked it, Heidi was lukewarm to it) and now I’m pumped to do this week’s five songs.  Truth be told, last week’s five songs really sucked.

1 – “Rockin’ With The Rhythm of the Rain” by The Judds (from Rockin’ With The Rhythm, 1985)
I was always way more into Wynonna’s solo work than I ever was The Judds, but over the years, I’ve learned to really appreciate their songs, especially the hits. This song is well known and well done, but it doesn’t touch “Love Is Alive” or “Have Mercy” which are far and away my favorite Judds songs, and isn’t even close to my favorite Wynonna songs.  Good 80s country, but that’s about it.

2 – “The Way You Look Tonight” by Chris Botti (from Italia, 2007)
No idea how Chris Botti ended up in my iTunes library as I’m not a huge jazz person and am even less of a smooth jazz person – although I’m not sure how much Botti qualifies as smooth jazz. Anyway, this is a trumpet instrumental of the standard that’s been covered by just about everyone.

3 – “Never Gonna Cry Again” by Eurythmics (from In The Garden, 1981)
I struggle with In The Garden. It’s definitely the Eurythmics at their most unpolished, but there are moments that you see the great pop group they will become.  I think that “Never Gonna Cry Again” is one of those moments.  Nothing is as memorable as “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” but I guess every great band starts somewhere.

4 – “Neon (Acoustic Version)” by John Mayer (from Inside Wants Out, 1999)
I really loved Room For Squares, John Mayer’s debut album but haven’t really liked a full album of his since then.  Many of the songs on Room For Squares originally appeared on the EP Inside Wants Out which Columbia reissued after John Mayer hit it big.  I like the stripped down feel of the song in this version as it sounds very much like something you’d hear in a coffee shop (and I mean that as a compliment!)  Room For Squares slicked the song up a little bit and I like that version as well, but there just seems something a bit more organic about the original.  YMMV, of course.

5 – “Take Me Home” by Cher (from Take Me Home, 1979)
Cher’s disco phase is pretty amazing.  Every artist in the 70s had to do at least one disco song.  Cher did two disco albums – Take Me Home and Prisoner – and the title track of the first album remains one of Cher’s better known hits of that time period.  She’s performed it on the Believe Tour the Farewell Tour and at her Las Vegas residency, each time in almost identical fashion save the color of her outfit, but it hardly matters.  She’s motherfckn’ Cher for God’s sake.  I’m glad to see that it does not make a repeat appearance on the Dressed To Kill Tour which rolls into Des Moines on June 9, but it’s hard to not love the song.

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