Friday Five: 3/14/14

Here we go again. It’s Friday. I’m going to put iTunes on shuffle and list the first 5 songs that come up and try to come up with something to say about the obscure songs.

I sure am glad that I have the Friday Five to keep me honest in my blogging. Truth be told, even though I didn’t come up with the idea, I really love this little feature as it reaches deep into the depths of my iTunes library and brings up stuff I completely forgot I have.  This week’s Five is a perfect example.

1 – “Wrong Number” by Alisha (from Bounce Back, 1990)
As far as being awesome goes, songs about phones are probably second only to songs that spell. And while no phone song will probably ever be as awesome in my book as “Hung Up”, fellow one-named singer Alisha’s “Wrong Number” is still pretty worthy. What pushes it over the top is that it uses the touch tones on the phone to play a part of the melody. How can you hate that?  I wrote a whole post about this song back in the day – you can read it here.

2 – “Crazy For You” by *NSYNC (from *NSYNC, 1998)
When push comes to shove, I probably prefer Backstreet Boys to *NSYNC.  However, there’s no denying the appeal of *NSYNC’s first album, and “Crazy For You” is a good example of that appeal. We actually bought the *NSYNC album back in the day – it has long since been sold off, but not before importing the best songs into iTunes.

3 – “Let’s Get Funkee” by C+C Music Factory (from Gonna Make You Sweat, 1990)
My friend Mary and i share a love of 90s Eurodance so one Christmas, I bought up a whole bunch the best of the best of the genre via used CDs from Amazon and wrapped them up into a Christmas gift for her.  C+C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat was one of these CDs.  I’m not as familiar with this song as I am with “Gonna Make You Sweat” which was played ad nauseum in my dorm my freshman year of college.  “Let’s Get Funkee” is about what you’d expect – generic dance music that is still pleasant enough you can hardly find argument with it.

4 – “Bent” by Matchbox Twenty (from Mad Season, 2000)
I would not characterize myself as a Matchbox Twenty fan as I own none of their albums and have never seen them live. Still, one can hardly argue with the fact that they made some pretty catchy singles.  “Bent” is no “3AM” and since I had completely forgotten about it, I was surprised to find that it was actually a #1 hit for the group.

5 – “Danger Zone” by Gwen Stefani (from Love, Angel, Music, Baby, 2004)
Thankfully, this is not a Kenny Loggins cover.  It has taken me a decade to truly appreciate Gwen Stefani’s first solo CD.  I’m not sure why it took me as long as it did.  It is clearly influenced by 80s music and the divas that made that music, so it should have been right up my alley.  I listened to it enough when it was released, but the songs never really differentiated themselves in my head.  So much the better because I get to discover it all over again in 2014.

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2 Responses to Friday Five: 3/14/14

  1. dishy says:

    Give Gwen’s “Serious” and good loud listen – from the same album! Should have been a single!

    • Dan says:

      Actually, I’ve been giving the whole album a listen lately and it’s super good. I never got into The Sweet Escape much (that awful Lonely Goatherd track!) but LAMB really is quite good.

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