Friday Five: 2/21/14

One of my favorite blogs/web sites, PopDose, has a regular feature in which contributor Michael Parr shuffles iTunes and reports on the first 5 songs that come up. It’s called The Friday Five and I always enjoy it, even though I feel like a lot of the times, I don’t recognize the songs.  Anyway, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I really need something – anything – to keep me writing these days AND I’ve got the smallest blog audience in the world, I’ve decided to give it a whirl.  It may be the only time I do it, but why not, right?

1 – “Dancing” by Barbra Streisand & Michael Crawford (from Hello, Dolly!, 1969)
Jeez, leave it to iTunes to grab something super embarrassing on the first try.  Hello, Dolly! is pretty much a dinosaur of a movie musical, but it had Babs (however miscast she might be) is in it so, of course, I’ve seen it and have the soundtrack.  “Dancing”, which is taken from the scene where Dolly Levi teaches country bumpkins Cornelius and Barnaby how to dance, is one of the weaker songs on the soundtrack.

2 – “Cover Me” by Jo Dee Messina (from I’m Alright, 1998)
Not a Bruce Springsteen cover, but a nice slice of 90s country. The most notable thing about Jo Dee was her use of autotune before I knew what autotune was.  Heidi always thought her vocals sounded robotic.  Now we know why.

3 – “No Brakes” by Little Boots (from Hands, 2009)
I always refer to Little Boots as “Kylie-lite” which really, she is. If I want to listen to Kylie, I’d do better to listen to the real deal vs. someone who is a pale imitation.  That’s not to say that she doesn’t have some fun stuff, but at almost 10 minutes, “No Brakes” should have put the brakes on earlier.

4 – “Ray of Light (Sp!n’s NRG Mix) by Madonna (original version from Ray of Light, 1998)
One of a trillion fan-made Madonna remixes that reside in my iTunes library, most with no plays because they are crap. This one, surprisingly, isn’t too bad. It plays mostly like an extended version of “Ray Of Light” which is okay. Considering even the official remixes of this song were pretty awful, I think this “Ray Of Light” needs to be heard in its original version only.

5 – “Animal” by Madonna (Hard Candy outtake, c. 2008)
A song that failed to make the cut for Hard Candy, “Animal” is easily better than “Incredible” (the low bar on that album) and for that reason alone, it should have been included.  The leaked version, surprisingly enough, has decent production but is still unmistakeably a demo.  So many missteps with that album.

Hopefully PopDose won’t sue me into oblivion for taking their idea and running with it, but this is all I have right now.


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