I Want It All

Karmin-I-Want-It-All-2014-1200x1200Is it wrong to say that I was totally sucked into listening to Karmin’s new song on Spotify last night because of the extremely eye-catching cover art?  Because if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Anna and I really love Karmin’s ubiquitous hit “Brokenhearted” – it’s perpetually on my favorites list on my iPod.  Even though if we were honest about it, we would say that we’re kind of burned out of it, I still can’t bring myself to take it off the list.  It’s so catchy and infectious that you can’t help but like it.  We actually owe Jeff a huge debt of gratitude for introducing us to this song, although he did warn me away from their EP Hello.  So effective was his warning that I never even brought it up on Spotify until now.  Oh, the painful rapping.  Why would they do something like that when they do catchy pop so effortlessly?  Seriously, most of the songs didn’t last 30 seconds for me.

Not so with their new single “I Want It All.”  While maybe not quite as smooth as “Brokenhearted”, it’s still good disco-pop and miles better than the hideous rapping in their other songs.

Looks like their upcoming album will include more rapping than this single would indicate, which means that yet again, I’ll be skipping their full length and cherry picking the songs.  Now I’m just hoping Anna likes it as much as I do…

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