Cannonball >>>>> Wrecking Ball

lea-michele-louder-track-listingIs anyone still watching Glee?  I know we bailed after the third season – frankly, that’s where it should have ended.  We did watch the Cory Monteith tribute episode but mostly we were baffled at who all these people were that we didn’t recognize. Glee‘s cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Look To You” shuffled up on my iPod the other day and I got oddly nostalgic for the show, but not nostalgic enough to start watching again.

I had seen in various places that Lea Michele was releasing an album and was ready for it to be a bunch of over-the-top ballads and belters.  There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but I feel like she’s done plenty of that on Glee and I’d be interested in seeing her step outside of her comfort zone a little bit.  Granted, they covered primarily pop songs on Glee, but most of the time, they had a definite show tune vibe to them.  Even Van Halen’s “Jump” sounded perfectly ready for the Great White Way when the kids on Glee covered it.

So last night, I gave in (aka I finally remembered) and listened to the lead single from Lea Michele’s album. It’s a song called “Cannonball” and despite being ready to hate it and turn it off half-way through, I found myself amazed at how good it actually was.

As songs about destructive metal balls go, this blows Miley Cyrus out of the water.  It helps that Michele has a set of pipes on her.  Combined with solidly written pop songs, this was a no-lose situation for her, at least as far as appealing to me (which I’m sure was her primary goal.)

Three of the songs from her album, Louder, are available on iTunes and of the three, only “Battlefield” sounds like it could have sung in the choir room at William McKinley High School.  If the rest of the album is in the vein of “Cannonball”, you can bet that I’ll be picking it up in March.  There may or may not be life after love, but it looks like there may well be life after Glee.

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