imagesYou would have to be under a rock to not know that the upper Midwestern U.S. is having the coldest temperatures its had in decades. There are some places that are claiming that it’s colder on Earth right now than it is on Mars, but somehow, I seriously doubt this. It may be technically true, but I feel like it’s misleading use of data for sensationalistic purposes.  Maybe they only care because it’s in populated areas.

The funny thing about all this is I don’t really care that much. This is January in Iowa, and while this is definitely more extreme than we’ve seen in a while, were you expecting sunshine and 60 degree temps? It’s an unpopular opinion, but I really would prefer this over extreme summer temperatures.  In the summer, I can never get cool enough. When I walk out the door at 6:30AM and it’s already hot enough to make me need a shower by the time I get to work, there’s something wrong with that picture. The 105 degree temperatures with 95% humidity make me feel tired. Contrast that with when I went out a few minutes ago to make sure that my truck still starts so I’m not stuck trying to figure out how to get to work tomorrow and rather than the air weighing me down, it actually invigorated me a little bit. Dare I say, it helped me to feel a little bit more alive than I had been considering I sat on the couch all day watching television while Heidi is ferociously editing.

It’s a minority opinion, for certain. I am so uncomfortable all summer long that I just can’t really get all that worked up about the extreme cold. It’s actually easier for me to walk to work in the cold than it is in the heat – not that I’ll be walking anywhere in the next couple of days.  The wind chills are expected to get down to -50 tonight and well, I may prefer the cold to the heat, but I’m not crazy.

Now, back to reading and TV. I actually do have to work tomorrow – zero chance of not having to unlike Anna who got one more day of Christmas vacation thanks to Mother Nature.

Meanwhile, this is an appropriate song for tonight.

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2 Responses to Cold

  1. Mary35 says:

    Funny, I am just the opposite– I’m cold all the time, especially in air conditioned places in the summer. I run a space heater under my desk at work the entire year, pretty much all day. I can handle the heat much better than cold. I do understand that a cold person can layer up, but someone who is hot can only take off a certain amount of clothes. 🙂

  2. John says:

    I SO love this song. Forgot all about that video. Hopefully you’re finally thawing out.

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