A look back on November

novemberI’m happy to say that I met my goal, blogging every day in November and blogging about 30 different songs. I seem to be on the every-other-year plan as far as this goes as the last time I pulled of 30 consecutive days of blogging was in November of 2011. In many ways, it seems like a terrible month to try to do this, as it’s the month when holiday commitments (to the psych ward and otherwise) seem to ramp up. But I’m glad to be able to say that I did it.

A few thoughts:

  1. If I learned anything this month, it’s that everything I write doesn’t have to be brilliant. Sometimes I feel so much pressure to be profound or witty that I end up writing nothing. If what I write ends up being neither of those, it’s ok.
  2. Not surprisingly, I didn’t really notice that much of an uptick in visitors. This flies in the face of people saying that daily blogging increases your traffic.
  3. That said, I did notice a huge increase in traffic to my “Alone” post when my friend Keith tweeted about it and they it was subsequently retweeted by Ru-fucking-Paul!
  4. I had fun rediscovering some old favorites this month, as well as songs I’ve just recently discovered.
  5. A shout out to my friend Ingrid, without whom, “Groove Is In The Heart” would not have graced this month’s  list.

It was a fun experience, but I have to say I’m happy to have the pressure off to produce something daily. I also look forward to writing about something other than music, although I think I did a good job of not just regurgitating what could be found at Wikipedia. Anyone can write a review, but it’s a different thing altogether to take the song and put it into the context of your life. To me, that’s what makes writing about music interesting – when you learn a little about the author based on something that everyone else in the world experienced as well.

Blogging will probably be lighter this month, but I’ve found renewed zeal in writing so hopefully not too light.  As promised, here’s the Spotify playlist with all the songs from this month.  Subscribe if you are so inclined!

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2 Responses to A look back on November

  1. Pete C says:

    There’s an additional reader as I discovered that you had proclaimed Karen Black Friday two years before I thunk of it. You cited Trilogy of Terror whereas I related her to Five Easy Pieces — we’re of different generations, but I liked finding the common note. Some of the blog posts struck me as parallels relative to my brother-in-law. I’m a Capricorn and gay, he was a Cancer and straight, but he appreciated Streisand more than I did. In fact, I think of her now as his singer of songs. On a hunch, I checked your birth date and found Venus in Cancer; maybe that’s the parallel. Anyhow, your blog is an interesting find.

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