Thank U


This is kind of an obvious choice for a song on this Thanksgiving Day. It was either this one or Dido. What I probably should have done is chosen Eminem’s “Stan” but I thought that a little too obscure as far as a “thank you” type reference.  So Alanis it is, because I like it more than the other two.

I discovered Alanis Morissette a little earlier than most because she was on Madonna’s vanity label, Maverick. They talked about her all the time on the Madonna listserv I was on at the time, and eventually, I picked up the CD used at Record Collector in Iowa City having heard virtually none of it.  Jagged Little Pill went on to be massive selling an amazing number of copies and launching Alanis’ career into the stratosphere.

Expectations were impossibly high for the follow-up album, and not surprisingly, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie failed to meet them.  Heidi and I listened to it at Blockbuster Music in Cedar Rapids – one of our favorite date places as you could listen to any CD in the store – and we were unimpressed.  Still, I kind of liked “Thank U” if only for the line – “how ’bout getting off all these antibiotics?”  It was so random and yet, so true (unless we want to be living in a post-antibiotic age.)

People have been doing the 30 days of thankful on various social media and it’s been fun to read but that kind of thing is not really how I roll.  But I am thankful for many of the things Alanis sings about in “Thank U”, even the things you might not think I’d be thankful for – disillusionment, frailty and transparent dangling carrots.

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