Hella Good

600px-HellaGoodCoverI’ve always been more fond of No Doubt’s singles than their albums.  I even bought Tragic Kingdom when it was popular but it ended up getting sold to a used CD store.  I kind of learned my lesson that I’m better off just downloading the songs that I like rather than put down cash for the entire album.

This was true of Rock Steady, No Doubt’s 2001 album. I really loved the song “Hey Baby.” I vividly remember having family pictures taken in early 2002 at church and I said “I’m just sippin’ on chamomile” and my sister-in-law, not missing a beat, followed up with “I’m watchin’ boys and girls and their sex appeal.” Hardly appropriate for church, but then again, I’m not really appropriate for church either.

“Hella Good” was the follow up single to “Hey Baby.”  Much like “Intuition”, I acquired both of these songs via file sharing, this time Audiogalaxy.  Napster was an awesome service, but the entire time that it was around I was on dial-up.  When I switched to Audiogalaxy, we had updated to DSL and instead of taking 15 minutes to download, a song took 2-3 minutes.  Bear in mind, all this was before legitimate digital music – the Wild West days of the Internet.  I feel a little bit bad about all the music I downloaded back then. I’ve purchased a metric shit ton of music over the years but I definitely took advantage of the Internet music free-for-all.

Perhaps in some sort of karmic payback, the first copy of “Hella Good” I tried to download from Audiogalaxy was nothing but a loop.  All it did was repeat the lines “You got me feeling hella good/So let’s just keep on dancing.” Four minutes of it.  Not really knowing the song all that well, it took me a while to realize I’d been had.  I eventually found the real song, but time after time yielded the same looped track.

After Audiogalaxy was shuttered, it was kind of the end of me and file sharing.  I still used Kazaa (probably got a ton of viruses in the process), but it was never the same.  I’m glad that they finally figured out a way to make digital music work, at least for consumers.  Sounds like they’re still working on making it work for the artists though.

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