Groove Is In The Heart

GiithThe second of today’s songs was picked by my friend Ingrid, without whom high school band would have been much less interesting. We had a shared dislike of poorly played clarinets as the resultant squeak would find the base of your spine and travel all the way up it.  I met up with her and a bunch of other high school classmates last summer after many years of not seeing them and it was great fun.  So yesterday, when I said on Facebook that I wasn’t going to post a song because I was exhausted an not able to string words together into a sentence, she asked me if one of those songs today would be Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.”  I hadn’t thought of that song in a million years (never really liked it all that much – that man ruined Whitney!) but I did tell her that she could pick one of today’s songs.  My only condition was that it had to be one that I could write something about because I wasn’t sure how much our musical tastes overlapped.

She chose Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In The Heart” – one of the all time best dance songs.  The fact that it came out just prior to the onset of grunge makes it all the more awesome.  My friend Kelly had Deee-Lite’s album my freshman year of college.  I had heard “Groove Is In The Heart” and liked it enough, but I knew I wasn’t willing to commit to the whole album. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I bit the bullet and downloaded World Clique from eMusic because “Groove Is In The Heart” was shockingly absent from my music library.

I kind of put this song in with all the Technotronic/C+C Music Factory songs that were popular at about the same time.  I don’t listen to either of those groups with any regularity, although what exactly possessed me to buy the Technotronic album back in the day is kind of beyond me.   I wonder if when Dee-Lite recorded it they realized that they were recording what Slant Magazine would eventually name the #2 Greatest Dance Song  – ahead of “Vogue” and behind “I Feel Love.”  Those are some very powerful neighbors.  Not bad work, I’d say for their first single.  Listening to it today makes me think of Friday nights in college, those nights when class was over for the week and the weekend lay ahead full of endless possibilities.  Mine usually involved going to the library, but that was the case for a lot of my classmates as well.

Dee-Lite was never able to quite replicate the success of “Groove Is In The Heart” although they continued to have hits on the dance chart.  I’m going to have to go check out those dance hits one of these days.

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