jewelJewel was one of those artists that I always almost liked. “Who Will Save Your Soul” still grates on me. “You Were Meant For Me” was a vast improvement, and I liked “Foolish Games” the first 5 million times I heard it.  I never bought a Jewel album because she could never sustain my interest for an entire album. I like confessional folk music, but generally in small doses and a whole Jewel album was definitely more than a small dose. But 2003’s 0304 piqued my interest because it was a whole different type of Jewel album. I’m not sure what possessed her to record a full-on dance-pop album, but she did. Surprisingly, it works better than you might expect.

“Intuition” was the kick-off single from the album, and I’m sure that I originally acquired it from Kazaa or Bearshare or whatever.  Truth be told, I probably downloaded the whole album there – kind of bad form.  “Intuition” was in heavy rotation for me in the summer of 2003.  How many pop songs can convincingly work in an accordion? Well, Jewel does it pretty well here.  Whenever I listen to “Intuition” I always think that I don’t want to listen to it, but if I just let it get started and get to that first chorus, I’m hooked.  She scoops pretty badly here – “Follow your hearrrrrrrr-t/Your intuition” – but it’s actually kind of endearing.

There are a bunch of dance remixes of “Intuition” done by some of the usual suspects from the early 00s – Todd Terry, Gabriel & Dresden, among others – and only Todd Terry’s is streaming on Spotify.  It’s not a bad remix.  The song is actually set up pretty nicely for it.  I do see that the remainder of the “Intuition” remixes are available on eMusic, so if I really want to gorge on “Intuition” I can go there.  I will most assuredly be going to listen to the samples, hoping that they sampled from the middle of the remix and not the beginning which will surely be 30-60 seconds of generic drum beats.

I don’t know if Jewel took a lot of heat for this album or not.  I imagine that die-hard Jewel fans probably perceive this as the album where she sold out.  Maybe it is. But if she did sell out, I would have hoped for a better result than only 770,000 copies of the album sold to date and a #20 Hot 100 hit.

And since I have been enjoying the album so much on Spotify, I’ve done the right thing and bought the album on eMusic after all these years.  I needed to use up my balance before it resets in a week and really, I should have purchased this Jewel album a long time ago.  Now someone stop me before I go and blow the rest on “Intuition” remixes.

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2 Responses to Intuition

  1. Mary35 says:

    I forgot how much I liked “Intuition!”

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