Delta Dawn

51usDE4Vw3L._SL500_AA280_A Helen Reddy post must, by rights, accompany an Anne Murray post. It’s a law somewhere, I’m sure.

I probably have a lot to say about “Delta Dawn” – a song that I listened to until my ears bled on my mom’s Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits 8-track. It always creeped me out a little bit, because I thought that the guy that Delta Dawn was looking for was going to kill her because he was going to “take [her] to his mansion in the sky.”  But the hour is late and I am getting this post in under the wire by just over an hour. Hey, whatever it takes, right?

There are a couple of  things about “Delta Dawn” that are worth noting and short enough that I get them into this post before I lose consciousness for the night.

1) I am now as old as Delta Dawn was in that song

She’s 41 and her daddy still calls her “baby”
All the folks round Brownsville say she’s crazy.

When I listened to “Delta Dawn” as a kid, I couldn’t even fathom being 41.

2) My daughter claims that there are girls that go around the horse barn singing “Delta Dawn.”  I have yet to witness this, and I will believe it when I hear it.

Anyway, “Delta Dawn” is a little bit weird because it has exactly one verse and then the chorus repeated a million times. At least that’s the Helen Reddy version. This live performance clip from The Midnight Special is everything.

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