I Just Fall In Love Again

AnneMurray'sHits1980I think I was probably the only person – male or female – on the Iowa State Campus in 1990 listening to Anne Murray’s Greatest Hits on my Walkman. But listen to it I did. A lot.  The 10 tracks on that album define that period of my life almost as much as the current hits, probably more so just because I listened to it so damn much.  I really fell in love with that album and every last song on it during the winter of 1990. Living in Ames as an adult, the town where I was that 18 year old kid listening to Anne Murray on a Walkman, is sometimes a trip because listening to a song like “I Just Fall In Love Again” has such vivid memories of time and place associated with it. That I can go to that place without so much as thinking about it is pretty awesome.

I am so willing to go on record as being an Anne Murray fan. What is there to not like about her voice? Granted, some of the music is a little bit dated production-wise, but she did the country-pop thing quite well. As far as country crossovers go, she did the pop probably a little more legitimately than Dolly Parton did, but Parton ran circles around Murray from the country side.  Anne Murray’s music from her hey day is probably more appropriately classified as soft rock or adult contemporary as most of her most famous songs only have a slight twinge of country in them.

“I Just Fall In Love Again” is one of my favorite Anne Murray songs, and would be if it had nothing other than that trill in the beginning. But at that time in my life, I was harboring a secret crush on a girl and I always thought of her when I listened to this song, even though I had been, to use today’s terms, completely friend-zoned.  “I can’t help myself, I fall in love with you” – every time I heard it, I thought of her.  Obviously nothing ever came of the crush – I doubt that she even knew I had one.

I’m way behind in my reading this year, but Anne Murray’s autobiography, All of Me, was one of the best books I’ve read all year.  I purchased it from Audible and listened to it vs. reading it because Anne Murray recorded the audio book herself. I’ve read a lot of celebrity bios in my day, but I can say with confidence that I’ve never had more fun with one than I did with Anne Murray’s. It was worth the price of admission just to hear Anne Murray drop the F-bomb, not once, but twice. I also found out that a young Anne Murray had the hots for Tony Dow of Leave It To Beaver fame. I tweeted this shortly after I found it out and it was retweeted by none other than Anne Murray herself.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 9.06.15 AM

For now, we’ll just listen to “I Just Fall In Love Again.” I know that The Carpenters and Dusty Springfield did it before Anne Murray did, but Anne’s version is definitive.

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