A Different Kind of Love Song

A+Different+Kind+of+Love+Song+cheradiffeI always knew that today’s song was going to be Cher’s “A Different Kind of Love Song.” From 2001, it was – incredulously – from the last album Cher released until this year’s Closer To The Truth.  Cher herself said that the record company should have been on her case to get into the studio sooner. She hasn’t exactly been doing nothing for 12 years, but new music from Cher is always a little bit like a Christmas present because it has become so rare. “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” could have been crap and still made the best-of 2011 list, simply because it was new Cher.

Truth be told, I actually prefer Living Proof, the follow-up to Cher’s comeback album, Believe, to Believe.  This really shouldn’t be the case, because Believe is borne out of something much more spontaneous than Living ProofLiving Proof is referred to, in some circles as “Son of Believe” and the moniker really fits because it’s very much in the same disco dance diva vein as Believe.  For me, the songs are stronger and more fun. The U.S. version also contains what I believe to be the perfect marriage of Cher’s disco diva music and ther faux metal 80s phase in “When You Walk Away.”  But the second U.S. single off the album, “A Different Kind of Love Song”, has special meaning for me all these years later, for today is my daughter’s 12th birthday and the song is as old as she is, as Living Proof made its debut in the world a mere 4 days after she did.

More than that though, it is probably the very first example in Anna’s and my now long history of altering lyrics to songs “Weird Al” style.  It wasn’t much back then, because obviously she wasn’t contributing to it and my talents weren’t as highly refined as they are now. I remember holding that little baby in my arms and listening to Living Proof in Winamp (!) and whenever “A Different Kind of Love Song” came on, I would always change the lyrics from

This is a different kind of love song
Dedicated to everyone!

to something that only makes sense.

This is a different kind of love song
Dedicated to Anna!

Anna kind of winces when I sing that to her today which means to me that she’s right on schedule – if you’re not slightly embarrassed of something your parents are doing when you’re 12, there’s something not quite right. But whenever I hear Cher and her vocoder (that left what she’d done with vocoder on “Believe” in the dust), I’ll think of that little girl that wouldn’t sleep and who always needed to be held – and not sitting down in a chair either, but rather she needed to be held while you walked around the house at 3AM.  Having kids is a different kind of love song, and Cher knew it all along. But what doesn’t the Queen Mother of pop music know?

Happy birthday, Anna.  Your dad loves you so much.  I can’t wait to see Cher with you next year!

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