Buy For Me The Rain

NGDB-NGDBI’ll admit that today’s song got added to the list just a few minutes ago. I was perusing the Internet, mostly avoiding doing today’s post as I’ve worked all weekend, have two more days to go before a day off and my brain is feeling kind of shot. I didn’t have much to say about anything I had lined up and was just thinking about doing a quick one-off post.  But all that changed when, on a trip down the Internet rabbit hole, I stumbled upon an old high school teacher of mine’s wedding photo on her Facebook page. It was from the 70s and was as red as most photos from that time period are. For whatever reason, it made me think of my childhood in the 70s and 80s and because my mind is in serious need of evaluation, it made me think of how my dad always used to watch the Iowa Public Television show “Farm Digest” on Friday nights.  Later it changed its name to “Market to Market” but the content didn’t change and my dad kept watching it. I’m not sure why he watched it – he wasn’t a farmer – but he pretty religiously watched it every Friday night on the black and white television in the kitchen.  He sat there and watched his boring shows while us kids monopolized the color set in the living room.  Anyway, I don’t remember much about the show except for the theme song.

I’ve thought of the song over the years many times, but never bothered to go find out if it was an actual song that could be purchased or if it was something lost forever to time. Every time I thought about it, it never stayed in my head long enough for me to go and look. After seeing that wedding picture from the 70s, I finally looked it up, finding out that it is “Buy For Me The Rain” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  I found it on Spotify easily enough as wel as iTunes/Amazon/eMusic/etc.  It’s from the band’s debut album.  It was exactly as I remembered it.  Suddenly, I was back in the kitchen rummaging for food or God knows what while my dad watched “Market To Market” on that black and white TV.

The current version of “Market To Market” still uses this song, although in a greatly reduced capacity. The beginning of it plays over the end of the program but cuts out just as the vocals start.  I guess it’s better than not using it at all, because the TV show and the song are can’t be separated from each other in my head.

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One Response to Buy For Me The Rain

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you! I have the song stuck in my head after thinking about my dad watching Market to Market in the 80s too!

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