Kiss and Make Up

FoxbaseAlphaI have a complicated relationship with Saint Etienne. I really do like them a lot, but I’ve found that, with the exception of their last album, Words & Music, I’m much better off picking and choosing songs off their albums rather than listening to the whole album. I’m not really sure why this is, as I feel like Sarah Cracknell is a latter-day version of Debbie Harry, only less punk. Given my considerable fondness for Debbie and Blondie, it just doesn’t fit.

I owe my discovery of Saint Etienne to my friend Mike who, in 2006, introduced me to the band by sending me all his favorite Saint Etienne songs.  Of those songs, one that I really gravitated toward was the 1990 single “Kiss and Make Up” from their debut album, Foxbase AlphaThe original version of the song was performed by Donna Savage, as Cracknell was not yet the main vocalist for the band.  Until just recently, I had never even heard the original version of the track.  I knew that the version I was hearing sounded suspiciously like Cracknell, but knowing it wasn’t her, I figured they just had a bunch of similar sounding vocalists.  Come to find out that when they got around to releasing a deluxe edition of the album in 2009, one of the bonus tracks was a rerecorded version of “Kiss & Make Up” with Cracknell on lead vocals.  This must be the version that I know, but to be honest, I’m still kind of confused – albeit pleasantly.

Perhaps my favorite thing about “Kiss and Make Up” is how, when Anna was probably 7 or 8, I changed the lyrics of the chorus from

Let’s kiss and make up,
let’s kiss and make up.
Let’s you and I
kiss and make up.

to something a little more appropriate for the situation.

Kick Anna in the butt
Kick Anna in the butt
Let’s you and I
Kick Anna in the butt

She was not wildly appreciative of that, but even at that age, she fired it back at me as “kick Dad in the butt…” etc.  It probably started our tendency to change the lyrics to just about every song.

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One Response to Kiss and Make Up

  1. Jams says:

    Have we discussed St Et? My favourite band.

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