Another Halloween bites the dust

Well, October is almost history. I’m always a little bit sad when October becomes November, mostly because I feel like i missed out on fall AGAIN. In reality, there’s still plenty of fall to be had – it’s just that I am not short on the drama. We had a good trick or treat night – probably the coldest in several years but it didn’t rain and the kids still didn’t have to wear coats over their costumes. In Iowa, that’s a win.

Tomorrow marks the start of November daily blogging, better known as NaBloPoMo which I refuse to ever type again for the rest of the month. It is short for National Blog Posting Month, but it still annoys me. Anyway, I said on Facebook earlier this week that I’ve chosen 30 songs and each day, I’ll write at least a couple paragraphs on it. I reserve the right to remove songs along the way if I find them too hard to write about or, frankly, too boring to talk about. I want them all to have some kind of story from my life because, as I always say, anyone can write about music. What’s really interesting to me is when someone can talk about a song or an album or an artist and put it into context with something personal. And by personal, I don’t mean soul-baring necessarily, but it has to be something unique that you bring to it. This is part of what I hope to accomplish in November.

I’ve signed up for it officially over at BlogHer (that also irritates me – men blog too!) and because of that, I am entered for a chance to win an iPad mini.  Maybe lightning will strike twice.

So anyway, I hope everyone joins me in November for a journey through songs obscure, forgotten, well known and ones we wish we could forget. I know I’m looking forward to it.


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2 Responses to Another Halloween bites the dust

  1. The child will murder you if she sees this on the internet. Just a warning.

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