Not gonna need a special locker for the hat

Found this while dinking around on Tumblr tonight.

janefonda barbarella

I really love this photo, because, man, was Jane Fonda every sexy back in the day.  It’s so hard for me to reconcile sexpot Barbarella with newly divorced “all I’ve ever done is be a housewife” Judy Bernly (although she did want to do M&Ms.)  I remember watching Barbarella many years ago on DVD and not liking it terribly much.  I kind of want to give it another try, especially since I see that you can watch it on Amazon Prime for free (as well as Netflix, as is usually the case.)

The opening credits of this film are the best.  The visuals, the shag carpeting, the song that rhymes “Barbarella” with “psychedella” – what’s not to love?  If only the rest of the movie lived up to the opening sequence.


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One Response to Not gonna need a special locker for the hat

  1. digitalsextant says:

    After you watch it you should check out WHAM, BAM, POW episode 9, in which they discuss the film. This is an action movie podcast I enjoy quite a bit, so you might enjoy the commentary.

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