Mixing it up

I was listening to Spotify radio the other day and the Offer Nissim mix of Madonna’s “Turn Up The Radio” came on, and it just reminded me of how solid that set of remixes was.  As much as I love Madonna, I have to say that her remixes are rather hit and miss, especially recently.  But listening to that remix reminded me of how it seemed to me that many of the “Girl Gone Wild” remixes were pretty top notch as well, so I went and listened to a handful of them on Spotify.  And wouldn’t you know it, I really think the Offer Nissim mix of that song is probably the best of the bunch.  Listen to a snippet of it.

It doesn’t hurt that it is pretty much the version that she used to open the MDNA Tour.  The echoing “OH MY GOD”s really make the song for me, as does the Middle Eastern flavor.  It’s also a remix that is not super bass heavy and is actually a little bit subtle, if such a thing exists.  Much like the Trouser Enthusiasts remix of Gloria Estefan’s “Heaven’s What I Feel”, I can just picture this remix being played in a club.  Perhaps if I went to clubs more often, I’d be in better shape and fit into suit pants that fit me two and a half years ago.  So much for thinking that I was losing weight.  But I guess it is also ammunition I can use against my cancer fears for I’m certainly not losing weight unintentionally.

So much of the time, I feel like I’m the only one in my circle that likes MDNA, which makes me feel like a bit of a Madonna apologist, always trying to defend her most recent work to those that say her best work is in her past.  This is especially ironic since I’ve been trying to force myself to like the new Fleetwood Mac songs which I initially thought were vomit and cringe inducing.  Maybe Offer Nissim should remix them.


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