By the letter

Heidi’s out gallivanting in NYC with Damon Suede at the Rainbow Book Fair, but she’s not the only one having fun.  Anna and I have been keeping ourselves pretty busy and today, we headed over to my hometown to visit my folks.  I hadn’t been there since Christmas and I was really feeling like getting back over there so we got in the car shortly after lunch and headed over.  We went to Bomgaars and Anna proved that you’re never too old to hold a baby chick (they are super cute.)  Then we hit Jurassic Park 3D at the Carroll theater.  It was appropriate that my 20 year anniversary viewing of that film was in Carroll, for it was in that very theater that I saw Jurassic Park FOUR times during the summer of 1993.  It held up better than I thought it might, as I recalled it being visually amazing but severely challenged in the script and character development department.  Yeah, it was a little cheesy and would have been a better movie had Spielberg resisted schmaltz and gone for pure dino terror, but what can you do?  As for the 3D element, I’m still not convinced that retro-fitting old movies with 3D is anything other than a gimmick as I couldn’t tell that much of a difference.  Then we had a nice quick supper at Sam & Louie’s Pizzeria which is a relatively recent addition to town.

Anna and I have started a new game in the car when it comes to playing music.  I pick a letter and she has to find a song to play that starts with that letter.  iPods and iPhones make this so much easier than it was when you carried a CD wallet, but it’s still pretty fun.  We left town and I told her to start with “J” and just go through the alphabet until we got home.  Here is what she came up with.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 9.17.20 PM

You’ll notice that some of the letters get more than one play, most notably “T”, at which point Anna’s bladder had taken over her brain.  Although the deck is stacked a little since we were using my iPod, there’s no doubt that this kid is mine.

(True to form, the lyrics of “Tell It To My Heart” were altered to “tell it to my fart/tell me it’s a stinky one.”)

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