Doesn’t Kyliedonna sound like a monster straight out of a Godzilla movie?  Fear not, instead of being the result of a radiation induced mutation, Kyliedonna is what happens when you take 19 Madonna songs and 22 Kylie Minogue songs and put them together in a 45 minute megamix.

As you might imagine there are some awesome transitions and some awful ones as well, but overall this works for me.  It is also, quite possibly, the gayest thing on Planet Earth.  And I say that with humility and love.

Highlights for me:

  • I had no idea the ABBA sample from “Hung Up” would work so well in “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” but IT DOES.
  • The entire “Dress You Up/Better Than Today/On A Night Like This” section is amazing – you would have thought the songs were written to go together.
  • The transition from “Like A Prayer” into “All The Lovers” almost falls flat, but the “Feels Like Home” sample that Madonna worked into “Like A Prayer” on the Sticky & Sweet Tour delivers it.
  • “All The Lovers” into “Express Yourself” works pretty well, but it feels like “Express Yourself” is sped up a bit.

Things that don’t quite work:

  • “Step Back In Time” and “Music” do NOT go well together.  So much dissonance.  “Into The Groove” works slightly better, but “Come Into My World” behind it is grating.  This whole section almost brings the whole thing down.
  • Wouldn’t have chosen “Timebomb” in its unrecognizable remixed form – and the transition into it is extremely rough.
  • The minor key “Sorry” paired with the major key “The Locomotion” is a bit hard to take, although I admire the fact that they tried.
  • At 45 minutes, it’s too long.  Pared down to a nice 20 minute version, it would be a bit more digestible.

All these things I criticize about it really should make me think twice because there’s no way on God’s green earth that I could make anything that comes anywhere close to this.  And really, it just goes to show how Kylie and Madonna are making the same kind of music and really need to get together.  I can think of no more natural of a musical pairing, and this megamix proves it beyond all reasonable doubt.

Thanks to Jared for this.

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