St. Patrick’s Day musings

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, one and all!  Every March 17th, I’m reminded of how my friend Kelly said (back in 1988) that St. Patrick’s Day is a ready-made excuse to be happy.  I doubt she recalls it, but I still have the journal she wrote it in 25 years ago today.

kelly stpats

I can say that I’m happier today than I was on that late 80s St. Patrick’s Day – and since I wrote on that day AND it still exists, I can know that for certain.  But every St. Patrick’s Day that rolls around, I always think of Kelly and those words.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot to write about these days, nor have I had a terrible amount of spare time.  It’s okay, I guess if you’re busy, you know you’re alive, right?  I’ve had a pretty decent weekend that involved us getting the house cleaned up in anticipation of Marie Sexton’s visit this week.  No doubt she and Heidi will be celebrating the success of Family Man.  It’s Spring Break here and Anna’s off school.  I tease her that because she has time off school and I don’t, that I’m not speaking to her any longer.  She always points out that by saying that I WAS speaking to her – a hard point to argue with.  It’s like any other week this week for me so it’s nothing special.

But because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a couple things I stumbled across today that you didn’t even know were missing from your life.

The first is a mash-up of C.W. McCall’s 70s classic “Convoy” with M/A/R/R/S late-80s song “Pump Up The Volume.”  Naturally, it’s “Pump Up The Convoy.”

When I was in high school we did the song “Convoy” for one of the chorus concerts.  It was all the guys and we all had fake steering wheels to make it look like we were driving trucks.  Naturally, being teenagers, we had great alternate lyrics. “We got a mighty condom/Rocking through the night/We got a mighty condom/Hope it stays on tight.”  Ah, to be so witty again.

The second thing isn’t much – just the Ku Klux Klan riding a Ferris Wheel.

ku klux klan on a ferris wheel

I found this on Reddit and was conflicted by it.  Ultimately, I had to upvote it because it makes the KKK look as ridiculous as they actually are.  As the original poster said, so often we bury the things in our past that we are embarrassed or ashamed of.  Remembering ourselves at our worst helps us to keep from making the same mistake twice.

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One Response to St. Patrick’s Day musings

  1. Mary35 says:

    Your KKK picture reminds me of a scene from Django Unchained. I felt guilty for laughing, but it was meant to be funny, and it was so ridiculous. The KKK men were riding around at night. Several of the mob complained they had trouble seeing with their hoods on. One man piped up and said that his wife had spent a lot of her free time making the hoods for everyone, and it was impolite to complain about them. Some agreed, but many also agreed that they could see better if they eye holes of the masks were bigger. It was just so funny to see them stop in the middle of a “raid” to discuss their masks, as if it were a normal conversation.

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