Project iPhone case

In the 14 months since I got my iPhone, I have had two cases.  They have both been on the pricey side and as of last week, they have both broken within 6 months.  I’m not sure why this is, because I’m not in the habit of dropping my phone.  So now I’m in the market for another one.  The one I really want is this one.


I have, however, been all but forbidden to purchase this by my wife.  In deference to her feelings about Ouija boards, I have decided that I won’t get it.  She feels more strongly about me not getting it than I do about getting it, even though it’s kind of the height of cool.  (To read more about my history with Ouija boards, look no further than this post I wrote a few years back.)  Because of this, I’m on the lookout for other iPhone cases that are equally cool but less offensive to my wife.

I’ve been searching the Internet this morning and I’ve found that there are certainly no shortage of pop culture iPhone cases.  One glance at Etsy and there are more than you can imagine – and some that should have never been created in the first place.  I have a couple of rules – no Madonna (I am more than my Madonna fandom, believe it or not) and no zombies.  The reason for no zombies is because most of them are pretty bloody and gory and I have to take this to work so I don’t want to be bringing something gross to work.

This is where you all come in.  I have found several that I like (all in the $15-20 range) but am having a hard time deciding.  So I’m asking for your opinion.  Which of the following iPhone cases fits me the best?

First off is a pretty cool 3D-ish Alien iPhone case.  I like this one because it’s the best iPhone case I’ve seen yet from with the Alien on it and it also has kind of a “Xenomorph breaking out after being frozen in carbonite” look to it.


The second one is a print of the famous “I Want To Believe” poster from The X-Files.  Since my inner Fox Mulder is so often at odds with my inner scientist, I think this would also be an appropriate one.


Lastly, here’s one that plays to my inner 10 year old that was obsessed with arcades.  I don’t think any video game took more of my money than Donkey Kong.


There they are.  Of course, if there’s something I’m missing, feel free to let me know.  But here’s a poll to help me make my decision.  I’m asking for your opinions!

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2 Responses to Project iPhone case

  1. Ellie says:

    hi I realize this is an old post but I was looking up alien iphone cases and this page came up on google and where in heaven did you find that alien carbonite phone case?!

    • Dan says:

      Well, it was on Etsy, but I went looking for it but can’t find it. Perhaps it’s no longer available. Sorry I don’t have more info!

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