A year of jams

jamMy friend Steve, who is very influential in my musical tastes (he keeps me from listening to only Olivia, Madonna and Dolly) introduced me to the site This Is My Jam earlier this year.  While I don’t quite get the point of it, I have a fun time posting “jams” i.e. favorite songs of the moment.  They are sometimes quite dissonant with each other and this has never been more evident when the folks at This Is My Jam put together a mash-up of all your jams throughout 2012, labeling it .

Take a look at mine by clicking on this link.

A couple songs from my year end list (the second half of which will go up tomorrow) made my Jam Odyssey.  And despite Steve’s efforts, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of Dolly in there.  And I still have trouble imagining myself ever saying the actual words “this is my jam.”  Not that cool, I guess.

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