Disco snowman

Here’s an ornament that was given to me by my daughter a few years ago.  It’s a snowman in the style of a disco ball.  I’m not sure if this was one that she picked out herself or if Heidi picked it out for her to give to me.

A little history – I kind of have a thing for snowmen.  I don’t know why, I just think they’re cute.  So to combine a disco ball and a snowman was as if they were setting out to make the perfect Christmas ornament for me.


This isn’t much of a post, but it’s what I have tonight.  I’m going to step slowly away from the computer and watch some TV.  I’m so far behind on The Walking Dead that it’s amazing it hasn’t all been spoiled for me.

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1 Response to Disco snowman

  1. Elliot says:

    Shortly before I moved from the UK, my wife and I made a snowman after a day or two of snow. It was not really the best snow to do it, but we persevered, and got it done. It turned out all right. I think she called it Charlie. In Southern California, there is little opportunity for this unless we drive to the mountains.

    A year to the day later, my son was born. We joke now that the snowman was practice. We didn’t call him Charlie.

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