There ain’t no rules

For those not paying attention, I haven’t posted since the 20th and today is the 25th.  That’s four, count ’em, FOUR missed posts in post-a-day November.

I’m okay with it.  Really, fuck it.  Despite what I may think, no one is hanging on my every word.  It’s not like there is anything profound that is really ever said in this space.  Not that things have to be profound, but when I have a choice between living life in the real world and living life online through the blog, I’ll pick the real world every time (even though there are days where it’s a split decision.)  I’ve been busy at work – worked the holiday and the holiday weekend but I managed to finagle not working Christmas, which was supposed to be my holiday to work this year.  I’ll take it.  We had a houseful of people on Thanksgiving.  My sister-in-law stayed with us for a few days.  It was nice to see family.  However, I am so looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

A part of me wanted to be done blogging for November since I’d let so many days lapse when I was supposed to be blogging daily.  That’s when I was reminded of the line in Grease when Danny and Crater Face are racing at Thunder Road.  “The rules are ‘there ain’t no rules'” is what Crater Face says.  And I guess that’s true about blogging as well.  Much like most of life, I kind of make shit up and see if it works.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

Other things I’ve been up to besides working my ass off:

  • Epic Photoshop project in process.
  • Going to the horse barn way more than any human should.  I need Hercules to divert a river to help with this daily stall mucking.
  • Watching a lot of TV, but still massively far behind on The Walking Dead.  I can’t believe it hasn’t been spoiled yet.
  • Not reading much.  May top out at only 50 books this year.
  • Starting to get serious about my year-end lists.  Look for those starting mid-December.

Until then, I leave you with this.  This damn song was stuck in my head all day yesterday for reasons completely unknown to me.

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