Back scratch fever

My daughter always makes fun of me because there’s almost no sensation in the world that I love more than when having my back scratched.  Seriously, it feels SO. DAMN. AWESOME.  Neither my wife nor my daughter quite understand my affinity for it, but it’s there.  They mock me because every now and then, I’ll be mindlessly scratching my back on the wall, like some kind of barnyard animal scratching an itch on a fencepost.

I blame my dad for this.  When I was a baby, he would sit in a chair with me on his chest, like this:

Yes, this really is my dad and me.

As he sat there, he would kind of mindlessly itch my little back, thereby hard-wiring a love of back scratches into me at a very early age.

Anna laughs at me because when she comes up to me and scratches my back, I frequently will collapse as if I have no bones in my upper body.  I swear she does it just to see me do that.  Not that I’m complaining because as I mentioned, having your back scratched is the best feeling in the whole goddamn world.

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2 Responses to Back scratch fever

  1. Elliot says:

    My wife has more tickle spots than I think I’ve ever encountered before. Her back is one of the few “safe” places. My boy has inherited some of them. It comes in useful when he tenses up to try defend his position when he doesn’t want to do something or go somewhere. Ha, ha, easily foiled!

    • Dan says:

      Funny you should bring up tickle spots because I am also exquisitely ticklish. My daughter exploits this because all she has to do is threaten to tickle me and I start to squirm. She thinks it’s hilarious.

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