EPs are the new black

I downloaded Lana Del Rey’s new EP Paradise today.  I will fully admit to being completely sucked in by the song “Cola” in which she claims that her nether-regions taste like a certain popular soft drink that is not Coke.  Well, that and the $3.99 price tag on Amazon MP3.  While I haven’t really had a chance to completely take it in, my initial impressions are largely positive.  I like but don’t love Lana Del Rey’s music and voice.  However, I find her to be interesting and unlike just about anything else out there right now.  I didn’t see her widely panned Saturday Night Live performance from earlier this year so I don’t know if she is able to replicate the performances on the album in a live setting.  But I’m kind of a sucker for her retro Nancy Sinatraesque music and image.

The release of Paradise, which has also been tacked on to the end of her album, Born To Die, for its rerelease, got me to thinking about EPs in general.  They really aren’t all that common anymore, but I’m not sure how common they ever were.  The most notable EP of recent years was Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, which leveled Gaga up much like True Blue did for Madonna back in the 80s.  Everything on The Fame Monster was better than EVERYTHING on The Fame.  Sadly, Born This Way was mostly a holding pattern, but there’s no denying that The Fame Monster contains eight solid songs, whereas The Fame is much spottier.

While I don’t think that Del Rey’s debut is as hit and miss as Gaga’s, the fact that they both have EPs out to support a debut album is a pretty cool concept.  It’s almost like they didn’t quite have a whole album’s worth of material or, alternately, they chose the best songs and rather than round out a full album with filler, they let the shorter work stand on its own merits.  While this isn’t the 90s where the temptation to fill up every last minute of CD space is as prominent, I still think that there are plenty of albums that would be a lot better if they were EPs and the filler excised.

So where this post is really going is – what if Madonna did an EP early next year right around the one year release on MDNA?  Once the MDNA Tour is done in late December, she could head back into the studio and record 5 or 6 new songs to pacify fans that are always impatient for new Madonna material – although many of said impatient fans frequently eviscerate the new material.  I swear, Madonna fans really do eat their young.  Anyway, it wouldn’t even have to have anything to do with MDNA if she didn’t want to appear to be repeating herself.  Although if it did, I would propose it be called “WTF is MDNA?” based on Cher’s immortal tweet that got her lambasted by Madonna fans throughout the Twitterverse.

That way, Madonna could really put the MDNA era behind her and head on to whatever the next thing is, which I pray is not directing a movie or releasing a brand of jeans.

The thing is, I think Madonna thinks she’s already EP’d this album by doing the deluxe edition of the album which had 4 extra songs (I don’t count the LMFAO remix of “Give Me All Your Luvin'”.)  So this is likely a pipe dream and nothing more.  But if Madonna really wanted to piss off the Gaga-stans, she’d do it.  Then they could say that Madonna was copying Gaga, instead of the other way around.

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4 Responses to EPs are the new black

  1. I like Ride, believe it or not!

    • Dan says:

      That does surprise me! Lana has one song that will make my year-end list. It’s from the album, but I’m not telling what it is.

  2. Elliot says:

    I’m tempted to download the Paradise EP as well. I have to say the “guilty” lyric is a funny one, although my wife probably wouldn’t agree.

    As a music fan, I still like the idea of the EP, although they are almost un-noticable these days.

    • Dan says:

      I agree – I like the idea of a little collection of songs. So many of the artists I listen to records very sparingly and it seems like this would be a good way to release music a little faster without the pressure of a full album.

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