10 truths

I had been working on a post today but I’ve decided to put it off till Sunday or Monday – it needs to cook a little bit and it needs a good edit. So rather than put up something I worked really hard on late on a Friday night, I thought I would tell 10 truths from the life of Dan. It feels a little bit like the “25 things” meme that took Facebook by storm a few years ago, but who cares. Here we go.

1. The only person in my life that has been allowed to call me “Danny” was my high school history teacher, Ted Edwards.

2. I have way too many T-shirts. Too many if those T-shirts are zombie T-shirts.

3. I have never traveled outside the United States. I’m a bit ashamed of this.

4. I’m pretty socially liberal, but I’m just not sure that I’m down with legal marijuana.

5. Carol Burnett is the ultimate Miss Hannigan. No one else even comes close.

6. I take off my socks every night after getting into bed. I have a hard time remembering to pick them up the next morning. Consequently, I usually end up pulling 10-12 socks out from under the bed on laundry day.

7. The first concert I went to was Fleetwood Mac in 1987. The ticket was less than $20. The most recent concert I went to was Madonna. The ticket was $355. This is ridiculous.

8. I really don’t care if my kid hears songs with cuss words in them. I’d rather she hear them and learn them with me around than with her friends.

9. My hair has turned gray much faster than most guys. It doesn’t bother me much because at least I still have it.

10. I love fun posts like this because they’re easy to write AND you learn something about me. Double win!

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2 Responses to 10 truths

  1. Andrea says:

    You can never have too many T-shirts! And if someone tells you you do, shrug your shoulders. But if someone wants you to get rid of your T-shirts – don’t worry. There is a way to get rid of them and keep them too! It’s called a T-shirt Quilt. Check out http://www.TooCoolTshirtQuilts.com for coolest ones!

    • Dan says:

      Andrea, I thought for sure this would be a spam comment, but even if it had been, I would have approved it anyway. What a great service you offer. We are saving T-shirts my daughter loves but has outgrown to someday turn into a quilt. Looks awesome!

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