Pumpkin carols

Halloween 2012 has come and gone, and it was kind of a non-event this year.  The fact that it had to compete with dueling MDNA concerts didn’t help its cause, but even so, we still managed to get jack-o-lanterns carved just in the nick of time, finishing up just before trick-or-treating started on October 31st.  It helped that Anna and Heidi had gutted the pumpkins the night before so I didn’t have to do that gross job.

Carving the pumpkins is something that has pretty much always been a father-daughter activity in our house.  When I was leaving for Kansas City on the morning of October 30th, I was really regretting the fact that this would be the first year in memory that Anna and I didn’t carve the pumpkins together. A couple years ago, we even made up our own song to sing while carving pumpkins – a pumpkin carol if you will.  Set to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” we created our very own version called “Punkin’ Face.”  Anna remembered it on her own last year, much to my surprise.  I was not as surprised when she remembered it this year.  Changing song lyrics to something funny is kind of becoming our father-daughter calling card.

There are many times in my life that I feel like an absent father even though I know intellectually that I am probably the furthest thing from.  Trying to juggle my crazy work schedule with the many responsibilities both to my work and my home life is not always easy.  On a whim this year, I videoed us carving the pumpkins.  I hope that when Anna grows up, these kinds of moments are the ones that she remembers.  The video is 3 minutes long and normally, I would never have the patience for such a long video but for those of you that know Anna and me, it is seriously essential viewing.  It captures our relationship at this moment in time – her on the cusp of pre-teenager (!) and me going way grayer than I ever thought.  Who knew it would take Anna videoing the top of my head to realize that I really have turned into my father.  As usual, Jeff’s melodramatic method of carving pumpkins (ughing while making every carve with the knife) makes its appearance as well.

One of these days, I will also remember not to video up and down like that.  Regardless, I have an awesome kid.

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