And on the 6th day, there was failure

I didn’t expect to miss a post on the 6th day of post-a-day November.  It happened anyway.  I’m feeling worse about that than I probably should.

I’ll plead the fact that I was caught up in the election results last night.  I had fully planned to do a make-up post today, but this is not the day for it.

I promise that some day this month, there will be two posts to make up for the one I missed.  And probably a second day of two posts to make up for this incredibly lame post tonight.

Anyway, here’s Madonna’s prayer for Obama before last night’s MDNA show in Pittsburgh.  I love how she’s praying in her “Girl Gone Wild” outfit – complete with the push-up bra.  It probably sounds cheesy, but I really like her brand of spirituality.  Unlike so many people – including many fans – I don’t think that it’s fake or put on.  She wouldn’t do a prayer before every show if she didn’t mean something to her.  I kind of crave that kind of spirituality.

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2 Responses to And on the 6th day, there was failure

  1. Elliot says:

    Interesting. I suspect he got the votes without the prayers, but each to their own. Did you love the two shows then?

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