27 years of being a friend

Sometimes, the internet is truly wonderful.  Had it not been for Twitter, I would never have realized that on this date, 27 years ago, The Golden Girls premiered on NBC.

I watched The Golden Girls in high school.  I have no shame in admitting that, even though I distinctly remember only admitting to taping it so that I could watch it at my leisure.  This was mostly so that people didn’t know that, for the first couple years of high school at least, I usually didn’t have Saturday night plans.  My friend Mary once uttered the classic line “yeah, while everyone else was out getting laid, I was at home watching The Golden Girls.”  Well, that would definitely make two of us, Mary.  Although I do remember reading somewhere that they gay bars in New York turned off the club music on Saturday nights for 30 minutes to turn on the tube for The Golden Girls, so maybe we weren’t so pathetic after all!  We were actually fabulous for watching it!

You can’t deny that the show really is comedy gold, even though it has been rerun to death in the last decade.  And to think that Betty White was originally supposed to be the sexpot Blanche and Rue McClanahan clueless Minnesotan Rose.  I just can’t imagine it!  Bea Arthur basically played Maude 2.0, but to a generation of us too young to really remember Maude in it’s original run, we hardly cared.  She was biting and sarcastic and could kill with a look.  And then there was Estelle Getty, who I always thought would probably kick off during the show’s run, only to find out she was the youngest of all of them.

Sadly, only one Golden Girl remains – the irrepressible Betty White – the others having shuffled off the mortal coil in rather rapid succession over the last few years.  At least there will always be reruns.  I always say that Real Men watch The Golden Girls, and the best of the best admit to loving it without embarrassment or apology.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t post one of my favorite Golden Girls bits – from the first season, if you can believe it.  Happy birthday Golden Girls!  We’ll still be quoting you when we’re in the nursing home – just hope it isn’t Shady Pines.

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3 Responses to 27 years of being a friend

  1. Keith says:

    Is it really 27 years? Apart from the clothes, it feels like it hasn’t aged at all. Great choice of scene to post, it’s a tossup between that and Blanche getting confused about lesbian/lebanese for my favourite scene in the series.

    • Dan says:

      No kidding – that was classic. The best part of it is that Blanche is all shocked by Jean being a lesbian and then she’s even more offended that Jean is attracted to Rose and not her!

  2. Mary35 says:

    Shrimp! I knew even before I watched it what clip it was going to be!

    And . . . 27 years later, I am home on a Friday night watching a clip of The Golden Girls.

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