A pretty smart playlist

On Friday night, we celebrated Heidi’s birthday at a fancy restaurant with good food, great wine and even greater friends.  After that, we hit The Blazing Saddle which is a gay bar in the East Village neighborhood in Des Moines.  Heidi had a little too much to drink, but hey, it’s her birthday, so why not?  As a friend of mine told me in e-mail yesterday, everyone needs a night of broken rules (and consequences) for that, after all, is living!  While we were getting ready to go, I knew that I would be driving so I quick made a genius playlist for the road based on Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild.”  Sometimes Genius playlists are a bit suspect – I once made a genius playlist based on a Casey Stratton song that contained a crap ton of Lady Gaga as well – but this one, I have to say, is pretty damn brilliant.

A few random thoughts:

  • We heard the ballad version of “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” at the drag show at the Saddle.  It caused my friend Kyl and me to say that we’ll believe Cher’s recording a new album when we’re holding said album in our hands.  Same for her tour – I’ll only believe it when we’re standing in the arena.
  • I think “Scheiße” is my favorite song on Born This Way.  That album is aging fairly well for me – I find myself coming back to it more and more.  I was on a big “Bloody Mary” kick a couple weeks ago.
  • Surprised that more Marina & the Diamonds didn’t make it in, although iTunes might not be smart enough to pull in anything else from Electra Heart yet.  I’ve bonded with my 10 year old over Electra Heart.  She told me the other day that she thinks it’s the best album of 2012 (hint: she’s right.)
  • Since it was based on a Madonna song, Madonna herself is well represented although not excesively so..  A couple songs from MDNA, but also some older stuff.  I’m really into the song “Revolver” these days even though I swear I still can’t understand half of what she says because the auto-tune is so heavy.
  • I love that “Stand Back” appeared.  And I’m especially glad that it’s the one from Timespace because The Wild Heart is in desperate need of a remaster.
  • Keane is kind of the odd man out here.  But as you can see, I’ve played the hell out of that song this summer, just not as much as “I Don’t Give A.”
  • “Perfect World” by Gossip shows up which reminds me that their A Joyful Noise album has been sadly neglected this summer.  I really need to give another few listens because I have it on good authority that it is very me, or that at least several songs are very me.
  • Only two live songs – Gaga’s “The Fame” and Kylie’s “I Believe In You” in its super-cool ballad form.

All in all, it encapsulates my diva listening quite well.  I tried generating this playlist from my regular iTunes library vs. the one on my iPhone and it just wasn’t as streamlined.  A lot more live tracks and remixes vs. album tracks and forgotten songs.  Sometime less really is more.

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7 Responses to A pretty smart playlist

  1. Elliot says:

    Meant in the best way, I don’t think this would be my ideal playlist, but given what I know of your music tastes, if I saw that on it’s own I would have thought it right up your street. Got to be happy with that one.

    • Dan says:

      Haha…different strokes, I guess. But it’s good to know I’m portraying myself accurately here, at least from a musical taste standpoint.

      • Elliot says:

        I would say that is important. I like to think of myself doing that also. See here’s a thing. It is clear that we both have different music tastes, but we share a love of music, and have a similar approach to music. I would imagine if someone who was a real mainstreamer and didn’t get a lot of music (as clear from their tastes), commented in a negative way it would be more annoying. That is not the same as someone just not agreeing with your tastes, more like a “you don’t understand”. – That is the music snob in me coming out, although I don’t take that view too seriously!

  2. mary35 says:

    Goddess is missing . . .

  3. mary35 says:

    She is appropriate for every occasion. 🙂

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