It’s her birthday song

I’m not going to write a ton about Madonna turning 54 except for this: may we all still be going as strong as she is at 54.  Is she as musically relevant as she once was?  Certainly not, and only someone with major delusions would tell you otherwise.  I am glad to have been on this ride since practically the ground floor and I’m not about to get off the ride any time soon.  She may not always make me happy, but you know what?  It’s not always about me (I know, what a shock!)  I sometimes think that the Madonna criticism of today is, if not worse, at least more full of vitriol than it has been at any point in her career.  Maybe it’s just because it’s easier to find thanks to the internet. Hopefully she’s doing what’s making her happy because clearly she can please no one.

Here’s to 54 more years.  Would she still be touring at age 108?  As in shape as she is, it wouldn’t surprise me.

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2 Responses to It’s her birthday song

  1. Elliot says:

    I think Madonna is your most populous tag. You mention her more than my friend does (who I mentioned on a previous post, has seen her on this tour already), and she has seen her live many times also.

    I had never thought about this before, but seemingly becoming more “dance” (not that she ever was not), whilst heading towards the fifties must be fairly unusual, rather than going the other way. Anyhoo, whatever works for her…

    • Dan says:

      I’m kind of a broken record when it comes to her – I always say that my Madonna fandom is practically a part of my DNA.

      I think moving more toward dance is a bit calculated on her part – she’s trying to appeal to the kids. I think it’s kind of a mistake because the kids will never like her save for some fluke hit a la Cher’s “Believe.” Her glory days are over, but she’s far from done.

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