“Angel” vs. “Angel” vs. “Angel”

My “Real Love” post went over fairly well and while I’m not a fan of features, I thought I’d do another “vs.” post, pitting songs of the same title against each other.  Who knows, maybe I’ll make it a recurring post like my “seven songs” posts – something I’m definitely due to revisit soon.  Up this time around is something of the heavenly persuasion.

I remember once upon a time I wanted to make a mix CD of songs that contained “angel” or “devil” in the title.  It was amazingly easy for “angel” but quite a bit more difficult for “devil.”  Even casting the net to include “demon” didn’t help terribly.  So it became one of those great ideas that just didn’t ever happen.  But when you think about it, there really are a ton of songs with the word “angel” in the title.  And there are three that I can think of off the top of my head that are just the word “angel.”

First up is the most obvious choice for me – Madonna’s “Angel.”

One of the singles off of Like A Virgin, this is one of Madonna’s forgotten hit songs.  And that’s a crying shame because it’s really a classic Madonna song.  It probably is forgotten mostly because it was competing for radio airplay with “Crazy For You” and “Into The Groove” – the latter of which never charted due to eligibility criteria.  It didn’t have a proper video either and just got this crappy clip video.  Between the laughing, the plinky keyboards and the great bridge (all of Madonna’s best songs have a great bridge), it’s one of those Madonna songs that deserves some retroactive attention and one that needs to be played live again before she croaks.

Another “angel” song that immediately jumped to mind is the one by Aerosmith from 1988.

Now, I don’t know much about these kinds of things, but this song seems to be almost universally derided by Aerosmith fans.  Is it the perceived “sell out” factor?  I’ve always kind of liked it in the way the I like most 80s power ballads.  It’s cheesy as hell but it’s certainly not offensive to me.  But then again I’m hardly one to talk when it comes to Aerosmith – I’ll leave that to the experts.

Originally, it was just going to be those two, but then I thought of Fleetwood Mac’s “Angel” and I had to throw it into the mix as well.

One of 5 classic Stevie songs from Tusk, it is one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs, period.  It is quintessential Stevie Nicks, full of metaphor and at times, completely unintelligible.  It also features the first appearance of “ghost through a fog” which reappeared years later in Fleetwood Mac’s “Sweet Girl” which I have also written about before.

So which is it?  Madonna, Aerosmith or Fleetwood Mac?  Or was there one that I missed?  I know of at least a couple readers that might have a hard time choosing.  For me, it’s Madonna over Fleetwood Mac, but only by a hair.

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4 Responses to “Angel” vs. “Angel” vs. “Angel”

  1. my ranking is Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith

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