Evil queens

We saw Snow White & the Huntsman tonight at the cheap theater here in town. It’s funny, because it was Heidi who really wanted to go, but it was also Heidi that declared at the end of the film that the best part of it was the Florence & the Machine song that played over the end credits. She’s probably right – it wasn’t that great and was mostly just pretty to look at. The story was very herky-jerky and really had no direction. There wasn’t much in the way of character development and the presence of not one but two heroes (neither of which we cared that much about) didn’t help the cause.

Still, if the movie proved anything, it’s that Charlize Theron can chew scenery in the tradition of Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford.

The evil queen was the draw of the movie and really, its only redeeming factor. Admittedly, I kind of have a soft spot for the evil queen – she’s always just a little bit misunderstood, but mostly, they’re just evil in heels. Not only did this evil queen play a great Mommie Dearest to Snow White, but she also had a very “Frozen” moment when she turned into a flock of crows when someone tried to slay her with a sword. Faye Dunaway AND Madonna? Surely you jest!

Anyway, even though it’s safe to say that there hasn’t been an evil queen as badass as Charlize Theron’s in a while, she still wasn’t as badass as Bavmorda from Willow. Locking up all the pregnant women and then killing babies? THAT’S badass. I’m afraid no one will ever top her in the evil queen department.

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One Response to Evil queens

  1. I think Charlize Theron is underrated (or is it just me who has not rated her as an actress?) just saw her in Young Adult… very nice comic turn from her…. haven’t seen Snow White… but the trailers I have seen look visually stunning. Kirsten Stewart…yeah, not convinced by her…

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