Tumbling in

Because what I really need is more social media, I’ve been quite active on Tumblr recently.  I set up a Tumblr account a couple years ago and proceeded to neglect the hell out of it.  But as I said, I’ve managed to follow quite a few interesting folks on Tumblr and I’m enjoying it more than I have in quite a while.

What I like about Tumblr is that it’s mostly just a picture sharing platform.  There’s no pressure to write something intelligent or witty to go along with it.  Some people use Tumblr as their primary blogging site and while that’s ok, I still am not about to pick up and move over there.  I mean, the post formatting options are just way too limiting for one thing.  Plus I feel like a site such as Blogger or WordPress is much more conducive to the kind of blogging I really like to do.  And even though Facebook is one gigantic picture and meme sharing device these days, I am always hesitant to post stuff like that because I know it pisses people off.  I figure Tumblr is a better place to do it because people have to search that out.  Kind of like if people are going to come and make the conscious choice to read my blog, they’re going to have to put up with what I write about or just simply not read it.

My Tumblr’s name is “Frickin’ Muy Delicioso” which was inspired my by sister and her husband’s trip to Argentina or Uruguay or both.  They referred to a meal they ate as “frickin’ muy delicioso” and for lack of a better name, there it is.

So look me up on Tumblr – and follow me there as well.

And if this song isn’t already stuck in your head because of the post title, then it will be now.

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One Response to Tumbling in

  1. andrew says:

    i am honored

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