Texting mortification

Once upon a time, Heidi and I died laughing over this particular Damn You Auto Correct.


We thought it was hilarious how the person typing couldn’t NOT type the word “boner” no matter how hard they tried. We especially liked the final “boner” – kind of there just because it could be. So because we found it so humorous, we have taken to texting the word “boner” to each other randomly, particularly when things are stressful and especially when the mood desperately needs lightening. Such is the case right now with me in Fort Collins and her in Denver and our car in the midst of being repaired for the second time while on vacation. (UPDATE: the car is being fixed right now. A heater hose had sprung a leak which was why we were leaking coolant like a sieve. Should be done by noon today for the bargain basement price of $170.)

Anyway, I was texting her about all the car details and how it should be done by noon and because this has been so stressful, I texted the word “boner” as we are wont to do. The microsecond after I sent it, I realized that the texts were going to MY MOTHER and not my wife. My stomach dropped about 10 stories and I quickly texted that those were meant to go to Heidi.

Fortunately, my mom is really cool and also just got an iPhone. This turned into a cautionary tale on how easy it is to text the wrong person on an iPhone. I swear that never happened on my old Droid phone.

All in all, it could have been so much worse. Of course, when I told Heidi about it, she LOLd via text. That figures.

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8 Responses to Texting mortification

  1. crubin says:

    Thanks for sharing that funny text. One time I sent a text to my husband–or thought I did–when I had actually sent it as a tweet on Twitter instead! Luckily it was tame and nonsensical to others (something about picking my kid up), but just goes to show how careful one needs to be.

    Sorry for your car troubles.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks re: car troubles. Should be behind us in another hour or so.

      It’s so true. With Facebook statuses and tweets and texts, it’s amazing that the message we need to get to people ever gets to the right people.

  2. John says:

    I’ve done that with emails at work. Fortunately nothing incriminating enough to get me fired but still.

  3. Elliot says:

    I’m always getting annoyed with my iPhone for auto correcting things. WordPress too, although that one is more likely to be proof read prior to sending. Thankfully I’ve not texted anything too bad by mistake yet.

    Hope your car troubles are over after this fix.

    • Dan says:

      I’ve found that most of the time autocorrect actually corrects it to what I meant. Less accurate is voice texting, etc. but yes, it can produce some rather unusual results.

      The thing I really want to know (apropos to your post today) is if this will become the most popular post in my blog because of the use of the word “boner.”

      • Elliot says:

        I would agree, autocorrect more likely gets it right more often than wrong.

        It will be interesting to find out if that will become a popular search term / popular post in terms of viewing figures. I never thought to add sex terms in my blog search nonsense today. There will definitely be a follow up “part 2” to this experiment.

  4. thank you for my first big laugh of the day. i’m glad your mom is cool!

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