Are we out of Nebraska yet?

A hotel has never been as welcome as La Quinta Inn in North Platte, NE was tonight. Interstate 80 through Nebraska isn’t the most desolate road to drive, but it’s definitely the most boring. It doesn’t look all that different from Iowa and it is LONG. We left the house this morning at 11 AM and after a short stop at my parents’ house, we finally arrived at our destination just after 8 PM.

Because we are us, that included at least 5 bathroom breaks, one adventure in Omaha attempting to find a Starbucks, a side trek through Lincoln to find Sudafed (no making of meth was involved) and enough road construction to last me the rest of the summer. We always seem to make long car rides even longer, but such is the nature of the beast. I did finally earn my Nebraska QRANK badge and we’re about to leapfrog to the top of the foursquare leader board, so I really can’t complain.

I’m pumped for tomorrow because we’re actually going to be in Wyoming for a brief period of time (hello Wyoming QRANK badge) before finally landing in Colorado early afternoon. We’re still trying to work out the details but I’m going to meet up with my friend John aka PopMusicNotes and we will enjoy the hospitality of our friend Marie and her family.

I’m mostly just glad to be on vacation. It’s my last one till October.

There may be more reports from the road. Or not. Judging by how much I blogged while in Chicago last month, I wouldn’t get married to the idea of frequent updates. But then again, this is a totally different type of vacation than the Chicago trip.

In the meantime, there will be deep slumber in my future.


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5 Responses to Are we out of Nebraska yet?

  1. Elliot says:

    I would add I40 as a contender for most boring road, which I had almost 140 miles of, twice this weekend. It likely won’t beat your one as it isn’t as long. It is dull though.

  2. Susan B. says:

    Wow – really? We make this drive about once a year now to see Dave’s sis and we’ve learned to just do it in one big shot. We leave here around 6am, stop for breakfast at a rest area (usually banana bread – it packs well) on the west side of Omaha around 8 and then hit Cozad or so for lunch, then it’s straight on ’til Ft. C, except for potty stops, and the occasional ice cream cone at the McD’s in Cheyenne Did I mention how much I love my portable DVD player? Last time we made the trip we also did a string of something like 40 geocaches just north of the WY/CO border too and still made it to their house before dinner!

    We have had our share of misfortune on the trip though – the worst one being that we made it to the Stuart, IA exit once before we realized that Bobby hadn’t put his glasses on before he got in the car. He’s pretty much blind w/out them so we had to go back to get them. I disagree with you though…once you get out past Kearney, Nebraska stops looking like Iowa and starts looking like a bland, brown, barren wide-open place.

    • Dan says:

      The biggest difference is we didn’t leave until 11AM, and that makes everything quite different. We totally could have made it all the way in one day (we did it yesterday on the way back) but we just would have had to approach it very differently. We just decided we didn’t want to kill ourselves by getting up at the butt-crack of dawn and then, when we finally made it to our destination, be so tired that we take a day to recover from getting there.

      We’ve used portable DVD players in the past (borrowed them from my boss), but this time around, Anna watched stuff on the iPad and the laptop. Kept her pretty entertained through the vast Nebraska wilderness. (we finally made it through-ooh-ooh.)

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