Two little things about the internet…

One I love, the other I despise.  Let’s start with the good and end with the bad.

Spotify sharing on Facebook

I was reading this article the other day called “The 7 Habits of Highly Annoying People on Facebook” and while I couldn’t quite figure out if the author was airing legitimate gripes or just trying to be clever, I have to disagree with his comment on Spotify oversharing.  He maintains that “advertising how awesome your music taste is will not impress people.  It didn’t work in high school…and it won’t work on Facebook.”  With all due respect to the author of the piece, I think he’s completely missing the point of why people share tracks on Spotify.  It’s hardly to impress people.  Shit, 99% of Spotify activity from friends goes right past me without me even noticing it unless I’m looking for it (of course, the same could be said for most people’s entire existence on Facebook – such is the nature of the beast.)  And it almost 100% of the time shows up only in the ticker, rather than as a post on the news feed.  Rather than look at it as someone bragging about their music taste, I look at Spotify sharing on Facebook to be a way to find music to listen to that I may not know about, may have forgotten about and especially as a means to introduce me to songs and artists that are a bit off my beaten path.  And yeah, it’s fun to see people whose music taste I share listening to stuff I like too.  At least for me, it is most certainly not to brag, although I am pretty proud of playlists I make and my taste in music, mostly because I spent so long hiding it because I always felt like such a nerd for liking what I liked.  And it kind of irks me that we can share all the other aspects of our life – including things we shouldn’t – yet somehow what we listen to is off limits?  It all seems quite arbitrary.

To those that really hate the Spotify sharing, there’s a really simple solution to the problem.  Block the app.  At least there’s that option.  I wish I could say the same thing about inspirational quotes – a point on which the author of the article is right on the money.  To block inspirational quotes, I have to block the person entirely which I don’t always want to do.

And now, for the thing I dislike.

Condescending Wonka

The only Condescending Wonka that I actually like.

At risk of sounding like hating Condescending Wonka is my own version of hating Spotify sharing, it’s not that people share it on Facebook or Twitter that bothers me.  It’s existence bothers me.

There is so much pain in the world already.  We’re already meaner to each other than we need to be.  I’m fond of saying that it costs so little to just be kind to other people, even if they are bothering you today.  Condescending Wonka flies in the face of this and perhaps that’s why it gets under my skin so much.  Really, we need an internet meme dedicated to the sole purpose of being snarky and condescending?  I think what bothers me most about it is that it’s being mean and judgmental hiding behind the disguise of being funny.  I can recognize that Condescending Wonka exists partly to poke fun at first-world problems, but when I think of my own and other’s first-world problems, it’s usually with a nod of recognition – not with a judgmental bit of snark.  Condescending Wonka is just plain mean and cranky and for me, I’m just not going to invite more pain and negativity into the world than already exists.

And yes, I realize that complaining about Condescending Wonka is the very definition of a first world problem.  It’s just that someone shared on on Facebook this morning and, as Bill Cosby’s wife so famously said, I just decided that I had had enough of this.

Go forth and do good things.

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7 Responses to Two little things about the internet…

  1. digitalsextant says:

    In riposte to Condescending Wonka, I love Victory Baby.

  2. andrew b says:

    i blocked spotify so i don’t have to look at it and my problem was solved. As for wonka we laugh at a lot of them, especially the evolution one:) LOOK we have some different opinions and we still love each other! 🙂

    • Dan says:

      That’s just it, Andrew – if people don’t like it, they have this wonderful little ability to not have to deal with it, rather than telling people they need to stop sharing songs. Alas, I think it is easier to complain about things nowadays than it is to actually just take responsibility for your environment.

      I’ll admit that Wonka bothers me more than I probably should and disliking it runs the risk of me being a humorless curmudgeon, but I am nearly 40. 😉

      And of course! We are fabulous people and you married into a fabulous family!

  3. Elliot says:

    I think I must be a bad man, I had never heard of condescending Wonker but I took a look and I found it a bit funny. Personally, a bit of it is no big deal for me, although I would get annoyed if it was someones main or only thing, and also likely if I kept seeing it. I’m of the opinion that I need a little bad against the good (more of the latter hopefully), but the bad balances it out, and reminds me how good, that good is, if that makes any sense. A bit ying and yang. – Not that I’m into memes anyway, so I don’t take much notice.

    I find the “Person X just got a score of 50,000, on this game” on Facebook, more annoying. I block all those apps.

  4. Condescending Wonka? never heard of him… but yes, seems like something that would get really old and annoying really fast. I do not mind the Spotify “shares” as I am guilty of those myself- but then again, I am ALWAYS interested what other people are listening to- but appreciate that most people are not as music obsessive as I am, so I try to use it only on the “you MUST hear this song!!!” occasions.

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