Weak and unworthy

I didn’t even make it a day.

As expected, I was all talk about not listening to MDNA tour audio or watching MDNA tour video because, with the whole of the Madonna blogosphere abuzz about opening night of the tour in Tel Aviv last night, I found myself thinking “well, one little peek won’t hurt anything.”

For the most part, I’m still pretty pure.  I didn’t watch the opening, which for me, is one of the most important parts of the show.  In what manner does she grace us with her presence?  Couldn’t tell you.  Going into the Confessions Tour, I knew that she came out of a disco ball, but I couldn’t tell you the mechanics of it until I saw it.  So that much I still don’t know and don’t care to know.

It’s amazing to me that when I went to Drowned World eleven years ago, I didn’t even know the set list.  I only knew a little bit about the costumes and that was it.  It took a lot of effort back then to remain pure prior to seeing the show.  In 2012, it’s virtually impossible.  Between Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, the images are everywhere.  Hell, someone who saw the “friends and family” dress rehearsal the night before the tour started leaked the entire show audio to the internet.  As Heidi and I said, with friends and family like that, who needs enemies?  I presume Madonna will track down whoever did it and hurt them severely.

Of all the video clips posted to the internet this morning, the only one that tempted me was the “Express Yourself/Born This Way” clip that has been the subject of fierce flame wars between Madonna-stans and Gaga-stans around the world.  Personally, I’m fine with it.  Whatever – no big deal.  The songs do sound a lot alike and I really think that Peter Robinson over at Popjustice hit the nail on the head when he said that all this “Express Yourself”/”Born This Way” nonsense didn’t even need to happen because Lady Gaga should have just said “Why, yes, it’s obviously an homage! I love Madonna!” even if it wasn’t true.  It would have stopped right there.  Frankly, I’m surprised Lady Gaga didn’t do the mash-up first (that REALLY would have burned Madge’s britches.)  Ultimately, I think both Madonna-stans and Gaga-stans need to chill the fuck out and realize there’s plenty of room for both – it’s not like we have to choose!  But here’s Madonna’s take on it which I find pretty fun.

Other than the fact that she clearly raided my high school band room for the costume – it’s fun to hear that “Express Yourself” stands up so well after all these years.

I was e-mailing with a friend this morning talking about the tour – this will be his first time seeing Madonna live – and he hopes that the show gets better.  Of course it will, it was opening night.  I also think that even though Madonna’s shows are huge production numbers, a stadium is just not how a show like this is meant to be seen.  It will play much better in arenas in my opinion.

Hopefully, in the 5 months between now and the show I’m seeing in the Twin Cities, her voice won’t get shredded.  Because while I may be weak and unworthy, a Madonna show never is.

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