Pile of ties

I have probably 30 ties hanging in my closet that I never wear.  I don’t have a job that requires me to wear a tie and I don’t envision my job ever making that demand of me.  If I were to wear a tie to work, I would get no end of grief and everyone would presume I was coming from a job interview or going to a job interview after work.  My current boss doesn’t wear a tie and toward the end of his tenure, my previous one stopped wearing one as well.  The only times I wear a tie are when I’m going to the aforementioned job interview, a wedding or a funeral.  My last job interview was 8 years ago, the last wedding I went to was in 2010 and I’m not even sure when the last funeral I went to was (probably for the best.)  Mostly, the ties hang there, begging to be acknowledged, ignored and forgotten.

I wore a tie to the daddy-daughter dance last weekend, as well as to Anna’s piano recital.  When I was trying to pick one out, I was struck by how some of these ties surely must not be in style any longer.  I’m not really in a position to know because I just don’t buy ties at all – for all the reasons I detailed above.  I pulled out a pile of them last weekend and they’ve been sitting on the spare bed in my office, mocking me, daring me to wear them, especially the ones that are terminally 90s.  A good chunk of the ties I have are ones I wore in the late 90s while I was doing clinical rotations, during which a tie was a requirement.  I’ve picked up a few more as the years have gone by, usually when I am buying a new dress shirt for an occasion or, like my most recent tie acquisition, when it’s required as part of the wedding party.  The pink tie in the above photo is that particular one.  It was worn during my sister’s wedding on New Year’s Eve, 2010.  All the other guys had ones that looked just like it.  I really kind of groove on a pink tie.  Real men wear pink ties.

I finally got around to picking them up off the bed this afternoon as part of a big clean of the house.  I thought perhaps I should go through them and get rid of the ones that scream 90s.  But as I pointed out earlier, I’m not really in the position to know which ones are fashionable now and which ones aren’t.  There are some that should clearly be thrown away and some that probably should be but are sentimental favorites.  There are no skinny ties in the pile – I’m proud of that – but there are some that are probably wider than is fashionable.

In the end, they all got hung back up again, waiting for the next time I have to wear a tie.  I really hope it is for a wedding and not a funeral or a job interview.

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4 Responses to Pile of ties

  1. Elliot says:

    I had to trim down the amount of clothes I had before moving over here. Well I didn’t have to, but it was a good excuse. That included the ties. I kept the ones which seemed reasonable and got rid of the rest. I’ve never considered until right now whether they are fashionable relative to what is worn in American offices (compared to UK ones).

  2. randasfans says:

    Any of them silk? Martha may have some ideas for you! http://wp.me/prB5p-74

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