I’ve got crabs

No, not THAT kind of crabs.  Get your mind out of the gutter you pervs.

I’m feeling mildly stressed because, as you can see, I’m way behind in reading this year.  I’ve had a lot going on this year, plus I didn’t get off to nearly as good of a start as I did in 2011.  I read either eight of nine books in the first month of 2011 – fully half of what I’ve read so far in 2012.  Now, I realize that 17 books in the first four months of the year is nothing to sneeze at, but seriously folks, I can do better than this.  I may be beating 2010’s reading challenge, but I barely got 25 books in that year and I’m bound and determined to get to 75 this year.

One temptation is to go pick a bunch of short books, but that feels like cheating even though I know it really isn’t.  Amazon has these Kindle Singles that are 99 cents each and admittedly, I did read one of those and counted it toward this year’s total.  The book was Enemies: A Love Story which was all about Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert and how they went from public TV to being two of the best known movie critics of our time.  Even though it was interesting and well written, it felt kind of like a cheat.  It was only 60-some pages long and honestly, it felt like I was counting an article that I read in The New Yorker or The Atlantic.  So I’m not sure how I feel about them anymore – at least when it comes to fulfilling my Goodreads reading challenge.

Fortunately, I’ve been saved and I have a prayer of catching up without resorting to Kindle Singles.  Behold.

Make no mistake – this is not high quality literature, but never has bad writing been so much fun so I guess he wins, right?  This is the kind of book that would have absolutely mesmerized me as a kid, had I known they existed.  It’s the horror equivalent of drug-store romance and mystery books.  It’s pulp horror fiction.  Fortunately, there are FIVE MORE crab books in the series, all for the ungodly low price of $4.99 each in the Kindle Store.  I fully expect each book to be worse than the one before it, but I really am powerless to resist them so I figure I might as well just give in and read them.

I’ll be sure to report back when I’ve finished them.  Or maybe I’ll check in along the way.  You may not want to read the entry though as I’m bound to be crabby. *rimshot*

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2 Responses to I’ve got crabs

  1. Elliot says:

    And is it in the tradition of “The Rats”?

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